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Dell has just released vWorkspace - MokaFive Suite version 3.17. With MokaFive Suite you can deliver a centrally-managed, corporate Windows 7 virtual machine to non-corporate computing end points running the MokaFive Suiteclient hypervisor. This allows you to "containerize" your corporate data and applications within the corporate virtual machine.

The list below details the features included in this release:

  • Dell's vWorkspace - MokaFive Suite Creator and Player for Windows now use VMware Player 5

Dell's vWorkspace - Mokafive SuiteCreator is now integrated with VMware Player 5. This allows you to create LivePC images using Virtual Hardware 9.

The primary benefit of Virtual Hardware 9 is support for Windows 8 guest images (a Windows 8 LivePC Preview is included in this release).


    • Windows and Machosts can run LivePC images created with Virtual Hardware 8 or 9.
    • BareMetalhosts can currently only run LivePC images created with Virtual Hardware 8.

  • Windows 8 LivePC Preview

Dell's vWorkspace - Mokafive Suite now enables testing Windows 8 LivePC images running on Mac and Windows hosts (but not BareMetal hosts).

With this preview, some limitations apply:

      • The Windows 8 LivePC supports non-layered images only. (Layered image support will be in an upcoming release)
      • Images must be authored using vWorkspace - MokaFive Suite Creator v3.17, which supports VMware's Virtual Hardware 9.
      • Printers mapped on host machines are not automatically inherited by the guest OS; they must be manually added via Windows and may require driver download and installation.
      • First-time user provisioning must be done in the office. Windows 8 LivePC Preview does not include domain-join packets.
      • Certain Windows 8 gestures are not supported. For example, user cannot slide guest screen by using two fingers, open the Settings menu from the right-hand side of the guest screen, or use the "soft" keyboard when using the guest OS in full-screen mode.

Full support for Windows 8 LivePC images will be in an upcoming release.

  • Chinese Localization

Dell's vWorkspace - MokaFive Suite now supports Chinese localization of vWorkspace - MokaFive Suite Player and the browser-based end-user login and download screens.

  • Enhanced security

This release includes enhancements to prevent unauthorized changes to MokaFive SuitePlayer and LivePC images.

  • Scalability

This release includes improvements for deploying multiple vWorkspace - MokaFive Suite Management Servers behind a load balancer, applicable to large enterprise deployments.

  • Enhanced Administration & Usability

This release introduces several enhancements to ease administration and improve user experience, such as disabling unused LivePC image versions to avoid mistargetings, and adjusting display resolution on a BareMetal machine from within a Windows XP or Windows 7 LivePC***.

  • Configure number of CPU cores used in a LivePC

Provides end users the control to assign additional host CPU resources to improve LivePC performance.

  • Display a custom EULA when starting vWorkspace - MokaFive Suite Player

For BYO initiatives, administrators can present a custom End User License Agreement to users, and track user acceptance from the Management Server.

  • Run host scripts on Mac or Windows host computers

This mechanism adds flexibility for IT administrators to collect important host attributes and to perform critical checks and actions at vWorkspace - MokaFive Suite Player start time, before users gain access to LivePC images. Results can be reported back to the Management Server.

  • Create Domain Join Packets using an API

Provides an advanced method for administrators to implement the Domain Join Packet creation process, without the need to use vWorkspace - MokaFive Suite Creator.

This can be used by enterprises to:

      • Automate the creation of packets at user-provisioning time, integrated with an external provisioning workflow
      • Manually recreate a packet for a specific user while preserving the same computer name

  • Identify the MAC address of host computers from the Management Server

Administrators can verify the host MAC address reported to the Management Server for security and auditing purposes.

In addition to the new features this release provides many fixes. Please see the release notes for further information.

The vWorkspace - MokaFive Suite 3.17 installers and documentation can be found on the Dell Software support page or from the trial software page by clicking the Try link.

With Regard,

Kelly Craig

Product Manager