Good day,

I am pleased to announce the availability of the Dell vWorkspace Connector for Linux. We have taken the rich features of the Linux Connector and combined them with the performance of Microsoft's RemoteFX. Its performance has been taken to the next level and we trust you will be pleased with the responsiveness. We've added the following new features:

RemoteFX - This release of the vWorkspace Connector for Linux upgrades its support for Microsoft's Remote Desktop Protocol by adding the RemoteFX codec to its core. Dell vWorkspace users can now benefit from the advances in the RDP protocol introduced with version 7.0, such as its tile-based transform and entropy coding. This improvement is the first step in providing support for the latest features of RDP 8.0

Improved Bidirectional audio - better performace for audio, including VOIP applications such as Microsoft's Lync.

Font smoothing - Microsoft's ClearType text has been added as a supported feature of the Connector providing you clear, sharp text while in a remote session.

The installer binary and documentation, such as the Administration Guide and System Requirements can be found here at the support site or on our trial download page.

The documentation is also online and can be accessed here.

If you have questions or need assistance with the setup and configuration of the Connector for Linux we recommend you post your question the the Dell Software Community.

As always, please check the release notes for resolved and known issues with this release.

Kelly Craig

Product Manager