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Today Dell has released version 2.1 of the vWorkspace Connector for iOS. This release marks a major step up in performance and functionality.

First and foremost is the addition of RemoteFX support which will provide the benefits of Microsoft's RemoteFX codec for RDP connections made with the iOS Connector.

Allow your users to make connections to vWorkspace enabled virtual desktops running Windows or Linux to securely access corporate applications and data.

The use cases are endless, with one of the chief uses being users bringing their own iPads into the office. Enable BYOD, keep the data on your servers, and allow anywhere-anytime access.

Listed below are the new features included in this release.

RemoteFX Support

This release of the vWorkspace Connector for iOS upgrades its support for Microsoft's Remote Desktop Protocol by adding the RemoteFX codec to its toolset. Dell vWorkspace users can now benefit from the advances in the RDP protocol introduced with version 7.0, such as its tile-based transform and entropy coding. This improvement is the first step in providing support for the latest features of RDP 8.0.

Enhanced Experience Settings

Your users now have the option to enable or disable performance options of RDP.

- Desktop Background

- Font Smoothing

- Visual Styles

- Windows Dragging

- Windows Animation

- Bitmap Caching

EOP Xtream

Eliminate the effects of latency on connections over Wide Area Networks. Accessed from the Performance tab of a farm configuration.

URL Schemes

The Connector for iOS has added the following URL schemes to allow for easier configuration of the connector. Simply provide a URL path to a vWorkspace config.xml to your end users prefixed with one of the schemes below.

vw - for HTTP connections

vws - for HTTPS connections.

Dell Branded

When you launch the Connector for iOS you will be greeted by our new Dell splash screen.

The vWorkspace Connector for iOS can be obtained from Apple's AppStore here, and installation is a breeze.

From the AppStore search for "vWorkspace", click install/update on the vWorkspace object, and enter your credentials, if required.

The Connector's documentation includes the following and can be found at

    • Release notes
    • User Guide
    • System Requirements
    • What’s New

Lastly, to discover the resolved issues in this release please see the release notes.

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Kelly Craig

Product Manager