A new version of the PowerShell Module for vWorkspace is avaiable for use in your production environments. Please note that this version requires a 7.6 vWorkspace farm.

New Features

Below you will find the list of new cmdlets found in this release:

  • Added Remove-QVWTarget cmdlet
  • Added Remove-QVWManagedApplication cmdlet
  • Added Set-QVWManagedApplication cmdlet
  • Added support for RDSH provisioning
  • Added PowerShell v3 support
  • Added DisplayName parameter to New-QVWManagedApplication
  • Added Custom Properties parameters to New-QVWManagedApplication


  • Fixed an issue where Import-QVWComputer would return an internal error when importing Parallel containers
  • Fixed an issue where Import-QVWComputerTemplate would return an internal error
  • Fixed an issue where New-QVWWANAccelerationSettings would not validate port ranges
  • Fixed an issue where Add-QVWComputerTemplate would return an internal error
  • Fixed several problems with New-QVWManagedApplication
  • Fixed a bug where Get-QVWLicense would return a COM error


The new version of the vWorkspace PowerShell module can be downloaded right here.

Full documentation on the module can be found here: http://wiki.vworkspace.inside.quest.com/index.php/Main_Page

If you have any questions or feedback about the vWorkspace PowerShell Module, we would love to hear it! Just post a question or comment here on the community.

Happy PowerShelling!