This is a Cumulative Mandatory hotfix and can be installed on the following vWorkspace roles:

  • Windows Connector

The following is a list of issues resolved in this release.



Feature ID

Windows connector

The remote session has incorrect resolution if the user either plugs or unplugs a monitor and the Span multiple monitors option is not selected in the configuration


Windows connector

The Busy Light device stalls at initializing after reboot and will not redirect until re-inserted


Windows connector

The remote session window is cut on 40 pixels after the client's resolution is changed


Windows connector

The Choose location window should not be displayed after configuration update if the location name the user connects through remains the same


Windows connector

When getting a new configuration, the Username field is empty during re-authentication after cache has expired


Windows connector

During the immediate redirection from Web Access, the User’s credentials fields are disabled after launching the Windows Connector and minimizing the window


Windows connector

The user name is empty in the tray notification message if the user connects to the configuration for the first time


Windows connector

An unexpected error message is displayed if the user clicks Cancel in the Add configuration window


Windows connector

The Immediately redirect functionality does not work if the Windows Connector is launched in the Desktop Integration mode


Windows connector

The message 'An unexpected error has occurred in the program' appears after logging off the second configuration


Windows connector

The Windows Connector should have the 2018 year in the settings


Windows connector

The Applications list is not refreshed automatically if the user clicks Cancels in the Credentials window with an expired broker cache


Windows connector

The remote session window becomes unavailable after the client's resolution has been changed


Windows connector

After the resolution is changed for any local monitor, on the secondary monitor, the remote session resolution is changed to the new primary monitor resolution


Windows connector

The user cannot work in the session if vWorkspace seamless application has been launched from a disconnected session


Windows connector

In the Programs and Features window, the vWorkspace links are incorrect


Windows connector

An unexpected error message appears after changing an expired password while establishing the connection


This hotfix is available for download at: