This is an optional hotfix and can be installed on the following vWorkspace roles -

  • vWorkspace Management Console 
  • Monitoring and Diagnostics

This release provides support for the following :

New features in vWorkspace Monitoring and Diagnostics 5.7.5 :

  • Management Server and Bundled Cartridge Update: The Foglight Management Server has been updated to the version 5.7.5 and Foglight agent manager has been updated to the version The Hyper-V and VMware bundled cartridges have been updated to
  • Performance and Stability Enhancements: Load balancing of Foglight agent managers has been optimized for improved performance and stability.
  • Federation Support: Federation is a Foglight feature that addresses the needs of customers who monitor large-scale environments that are naturally partitioned into logical units. Each of these partitions is traditionally served by one Foglight Management Server instance and its distributed clients/agents.
  • Task Viewer Improvements: The administrative interface has been optimized which includes displaying the load balancing tasks and discovery & configurations tasks. Task Cancel and Retry has been added.
  • Manage Credentials Wizard: Manage Credentials process has been improved by providing an intuitive wizard to manage both Windows and VMware server credentials.
  • Virtual Desktop Extensions (VDE) Improvements: New alarms added to alert the user when VDE is not installed or updated on the Virtual Desktops and Connection Brokers.
  • Hyper-V Server Improvement: Users can add Hyper-V Servers manually during the discovery process as well as having the option of supplying a port for the LDAP domain search.

Resolved issues:

  • BP-2252 The monitored farm can be blocked for a long time if a Foglight Agent Manager fails to restart.
  • BP-2316 The Windows agent is not reverted back to embedded fglam when broker is reverted back to embedded fglam from external fglam.
  • BP-2323 The OS agent disappears when move some role to external FglAM in simple installs or where multiple roles are installed on the same server.
  • BP-2351 VDIVM session history breaks with unexpected logonStatusChange derived metric values.
  • BP-2412 HPV server agent is leaking WMI connections

This hotfix is available for download at: