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Mandatory Hotfix 427884 Version 8.5.1991 for Windows Connector and Web Access

This is a MANDATORY hotfix and can be installed on the following vWorkspace roles -


  • Windows Connector
  • Web Access


Note: Any previous version of Web Access connector must be uninstalled before the connector from this hotfix is installed.


 This release provides support for the following -




Feature ID

Web Access

Enabling “Play on the remote computer” setting in Web Access results in a crash when launching a desktop session.



Connector Installation Improvements


There have been a number of improvements made to the vWorkspace Connector for Windows to improve the user experience during installs, especially during the automated install that occurs when visiting an 8.5 vWorkspace website. 


  • The installer file, vasclient32.exe, can be renamed to control the installation behavior as follows:


  1. vasclient32.exe – all options will be installed.


  1. vasclient32t.exe - the AppPortal desktop icon will NOT be created and the Dell URL Redirection plugin for Internet Explorer will NOT be installed.


  1. vasclient32nousb.exe - USB components will NOT being installed.


  1. vasclient32t_nousb.exe – both #2 and #3 above apply.


  • This installer will uninstall previous versions of both the Full and Web vWorkspace Connectors for Windows during upgrades. 


  • In this installer, the Credential Pass-through dialog is no longer part of the setup steps simplifying the setup process for users.


  • NOTE: The version for the connector is different from the vWorkspace Patch Installer (8.5.307.1988). The connector version, 8.5.308.1991, should be used in the Management Console for the Connector Management/Installation/Windows configuration.

 This hotfix is available for download here -

  • Perhaps I'm just overlooking it but there doesn't appear to be a link to be able to download this hotfix.

  • @dragonator: It's listed on the "Download new Verisons" site. Here's a direkt link to the download page: