vWorkspace Optional Hotfix 342720 Version 8.0.1521 MR1 for Linked Cloning with vSphere 5.5              
  • Description

    This is an optional hotfix to address the following issue - Linked Cloning fails with vSphere 5.5.  It can be installed on the following vWorkspace roles:
    • Connection Broker
    Refer to the Release Notes for details.  This release may receive additional testing. For complete product information, refer to the Dell Software vWorkspace product documentation.
  • Resolution

    Determining if This Version Is Needed
    This is an option hotfix that provides support for the following feature.
    VMware Linked Clone operation fails with vSphere 5.5.
    Resolved Issues
    The following is a list of issues resolved in this release.
    Feature Description Defect ID

    Connection Broker