A recent addition to the Support Portal is a new guide to help you determine which vWorkspace hotfixes are applicable to your installation.The Hotfix Summary document will be updated with each new vWorkspace hotfix release.

The vWorkspace Hotfix Summary can be found on the Support Portal, in the right hand column, at http://support.quest.com/vWorkspace as indicated in the image below.

The hotfix summary table will help you to identify which vWorkspace components are modified by each hotfix package and where one hotfix has been superseded by another.

The table shows the hotfix number, vWorkspace build number and brief description. For each hotfix there is also a link to the published solution, for full release notes and to download the hotfix package.

Each vWorkspace hotfix may contain fixes for various vWorkspace modules. The PNTools and Connector modules are always cumulative, therefore you only need to install the PNTools or Connector modules from the latest hotfix.

There are many other vWorkspace modules, and the majority of the hotfixes for those modules are not cumulative. Therefore, each hotfix should be applied in order, starting with the oldest first. This is indicated by “Yes” being listed under the “Requiring Update” heading or the role name listed in the “Other” column.