As part of our effort to make sure that everyone of our customers has the best possible vWorkspace experience we want to bring to your attention a hotfix (rollup) we recently released.

It solves some client issues that customers recently reported. We highly recommend ('mandatory' in support lingo) that you install this hotfix. Please read more below, including details on where to obtain the hotfix.

This hotfix is for the vWorkspace 8.0 Windows Connector, the following is a list of issues resolved in this release.



Defect ID

Windows Connector

RDP sessions may disappear from the vWorkspace Session Status window while a seamless application is still open.


EOP Graphics Acceleration

EOP Graphics Acceleration may not work.


Windows Connector

A remote session cannot be launched while connecting with the RGS protocol.


Windows Connector

PNTSC process may crash when the ‘Connecting to...’ window is closed while launching an application.


Windows Connector

An orphaned PNTSC process is created while launching an application when the ‘X’ button in the connection window is clicked.


To review the full details and download this hotfix click here

Details on this hotfix as well as other hotfixes released are available at