In our ongoing effort to make sure that everyone of our customers has the best possible vWorkspace experience we wanted to take some time and point out a hotfix (rollup) we recently released. It solves some pretty annoyoing issues that customers recently reported. We highly recommend ('mandatory' in support lingo) that you install this hotfix. Please read more below, including details on where to obtain the hotfix.

This hotfix for vWorkspace 8.0 is for the following vWorkspace Roles:

  • vWorkspace Web Access Server
  • vWorkspace Remote Desktop Session Host
  • vWorkspace Connection Broker
  • vWorkspace Management Console

The following is a list of issues resolved in this release.



Defect ID

Web Access

Launching an application through Web Access after the App Pool in IIS times out causes an unhandled exception.


Database Management Service

A “Failed to write to registry service” error may occur in the Management Console.


Connection Broker

Sometimes, a virtual machine on a cloud may lose trust relationship with the domain after it is recreated.


Connection Broker

Reprovision feature does not work if a virtual machine’s MAC address information is stored in VMWare vCenter as a “:” instead of a “-“.


Connection Broker

Static MAC address cannot be set for reprovisioned virtual machines on VMWare vSphere 5.1.


Connection Broker

PNAdmin.DLL may occasionally get unregistered.


Connection Broker

Users get an “Access denied” message when two-factor authentication is enabled as an optional authentication mechanism on the Connection Broker.


Connection Broker

Reconfiguration of Windows 8 RemoteFX video card does not work.


Shell Configurator

Applications are not assigned to Desktop folders via Standard Remote Desktop folders.


Management Console

Deleting and recreating a virtual machine causes a duplicated virtual machine name to be shown on Hyper-V Manager.


To review the full details and download this hotfix click here

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