Duplex has stopped working with RemoteScan Server

Duplex has stopped working with RemoteScan Server

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Starting yesterday we started having problems scanning Duplex with RemoteScan Server. We have Version 9.392 and are using a Canon DR-3080CII scanner.

We have checked all the settings and these appear to set to Duplex, we have also stopped and restarted the service. When we scan though it only scans one side.

We are able to scan duplex when the scanner is connected directly to a PC so we are sure it is not the scanner itself.

Has anyone any ideas why it should stop scanning in Duplex?
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  • For it to just stop suddenly, something would have had to change. Were drivers updated or something like that? Is the WIA version selected now instead of the TWAIN version? That would effect it.

    I would say the likely culprit is that the option on the RemoteScan Settings dialog is no longer selected. You see this dialog when you perform a scan from the calling application if you have the option to show TWAIN or SCANNER interface. At the bottom of the RemoteScan settings dialog there is an option for "both sides". This needs to be checked. You can also check/set this in the remote.ini file that is located on the Terminal or Citrix server in the users profile/application data/remotescan client. There is a setting for "duplex". Make that a 1
  • Thank you for your reply.

    I have checked that the TWAIN version is selected and have checked the ini file which already has Duplex = 1.

    We have found now though that when we click both sides it prints one side, but when we do not select both sides it is now printing both sides. This seems very strange indeed.

    Have you anymore suggestions?
  • Sure, don't select both sides! If that works, then drive on. Many drivers for scanners are not written exactly to TWAIN spec so little things like that do happen occasionally, though tend to have caught most of them over the years. You can check to verify that you have the latest versions of the drivers from the Canon web page, that usually resolves most of these little issues.
  • This problem has only occurred since Tuesday and has been working correctly for almost 4 months now. Nothing has change with the drivers for the scanner.

    It is no acceptable for our users to suddenly start thinking backwards. There has to be a logical reason why this has happened.

    Is there anyone I can speak to about this issue? Are there any log files that i could send someone to review that may diagnose the problem?
  • Yes, you are correct, something probably has changed. Perhaps a local scan was ran and something was changed in the local file which may have changed some values in a config INI file or something along those lines. Perhaps the both sides was never checked and someone checked it. RemoteScan does not just randomly change the way it interprets values so something else had to have changed.

    You are always welcome to call our support line 406-721-0276