Get Ready – Virtualization is About to Rock Your Dell World!

Get Ready – Virtualization is About to Rock Your Dell World!

Get Ready – Virtualization is About to Rock Your Dell World!

In my last post, I revealed my Pointer Sisters-level excitement about Foglight’s participation in the upcoming Dell World User Forum. Well, as we get closer to the event, that excitement continues to build. This calls for a guitar solo.

Why DWUF is Going to Rock

If you haven’t already made plans to go to DWUF, let me paint the picture for you: It’s a gathering of folks with the same interests as you and will take place in the live music capital of the world, Austin, Texas. The event, which takes place October 20-22, is just like a three-day music festival, except we’ll be rockin’ virtualization knowledge! We promise, if you attend our sessions, you won’t have to deal with any dirt, sunscreen or porta-potties, but you will finish the show with the feeling that you’ve been to a milestone event.

Our Virtualization Sessions Will Strike a Chord

Our biggest concentration of breakout sessions are around infrastructure monitoring, specifically virtualization monitoring and management. Check out sessions on virtualization optimization, outsmarting VMware challenges, monitoring Microsoft HyperV environment, OpenStack cloud monitoring and more.

Foglight is a virtuoso multi-instrumentalist. So, regardless of the mainstream or emerging OS, applications or platform that you’re running, it’s very likely that Foglight can monitor it.

Check out the session titles below to see our virtualization-centered sessions:

  • Monitoring Microsoft HyperV with Dell Foglight®
  • How to Optimize Your VMWare Virtual Environment
  • Change Tracking and the Impact of Changes to VMWare ESXi Performance
  • Taking the Guesswork out of Citrix XenDeskop and XenApp Performance Issues
  • Making Dell OpenManage Essentials Even Better with Dell Foglight
  • OpenStack Cloud Monitoring Made Easy with Dell Foglight
  • Capacity Planning for Virtualized Infrastructure
  • Connecting the dots with Dell Compellent Storage and Virtualized Infrastructure
  • End-to-Everything VMware Performance Monitoring with Dell Foglight

Get a Backstage Pass… and My Autograph

I’m no rock star, but feel free to treat me like one. It’s my dream. Print out my headshot and I’ll sign it at the show. Plus, I’d be happy to take you through a product demo to show you what Foglight can do for your virtual infrastructure and answer any questions you have. My goal is to have you singing Foglight’s praises by the end of the event.

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