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  • Multiple iSCSI Untis

    Hi, We have two MD3200i iSCSI units along with four ESX hosts. My question relates to the configuration of the IP addresses on iSCSI ports. Is it recommended to have both MD3200i iSCSI units using the same subnets so that all my ESX hosts will have access to both? My configuration would be...
  • ISCSI Speeds

    Excellent article I have been struggling with the Multi-Pathing for a couple of weeks and this defiantly fix my slow 12Mbps transfer speeds I was getting. I am now getting maximum of 140MBps which is alot better but am I correcting in thinking I should be able to get more. If 1Gbps = 125MBps and I have...
  • no targets showing...

    once you bind the port in the CLI you need to be sure and add the MD3000i SCSI adapter IP numbers to the discovery tab in the hba properties and then rescan the adapters.
  • Seeing 8 paths versus 4 after step 11.... what are we doing wrong?

    Our configuration matches the config outlined here except we dont use two completely separate broadcast domains for each iscsi switch.