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VMotion issue between R710 (Intel 5500) & R900 (Intel 7330)

  • I was told before that with vSphere 4 a vmotion between these families should not be a problem, but I am getting an error that the CPU host bits are not compatible... VM KB 1993 (;jsessionid=0015A69B417697CE8217E527E2B93EF8).

    Just wondering if this is a supported config from Dell/VM and if I follow the steps listed in the KB, will I get this working and will it really be supported.

    Anyone else doing similar with different models?
  • Beginning with VI 3.5 R2, VMware supports a technology called Enhanced VMotion. Ref the PDF at

    Page 11 has the chart of compatible processors; page 13 has more detailed information and additional links.