I'm not very familiar with Blades as you can probably tell ! However, we have a customer who has asked for advice regarding their Blade infrastructure and ESX. We've built them an environment on 2950s which they are very happy with.

They want to know how to set up a similar ESX environment on their blades. They currently have an M1000 chassis and 4 x M600 blades with 6 NIC ports per blade (so fully expanded). They have currently 2 x M6220 switches but could add more and an EqualLogic storage array fronted by a couple of Cisco switches.

So what they want to know is how to configure the networking side (allowing for future blades up to 16). I am totally confused whether they need port aggregation, whether they need to even go via the 6220's if the VMotion and service console is all internal to the chassis etc...

Does anyone have diagrams or recommendations from previous installations they could share please ?

Typically I would have thought 2 ports from each blade for VMotion/Service Console, 2 ports for iSCSI to the EQL and 2 for data network. These would go to the M6220s and result in 2 physical external links combining the multiple inputs from the blades.