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PowerEdge R815 ESXi Embedded Hypervisor Questions

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PowerEdge R815 ESXi Embedded Hypervisor Questions

  • Hi,
    Just a few questions about the embedded ESXi Hypervisor (v4.0) on the R815.

    1. Is the ESXi Factory installed?

    2. Does it come by default in a redundant (mirrored) SD configuration?

    3. Besides the ESXi Licenses (or any of the upgrades to Standard, Advanced, Enterprise) do I have to include also one of these options: Internal Dual SD Module with 1x 1GB SD Card or Internal Dual SD Module with 2 x 1GB SD Card?.

    4. Is it possible to configure a diskless server if I´m planning to use external (iSCSI) storage for the VMs.

    Thanks in advance.
  • Hi @tonyhgras,

    Per dell.com:

    1. ESXi 4.0 is factory installed. ESXi 4.1 should be available as factory installed shortly.

    2. The SKU does highlight redundant SD configuration.

    3. Once you choose your virtualization options, it creates a conflict error if you try to add the internal SD modules.

    4. For an online configuration, a diskless configuration will causes an error. I would contact a Dell sales rep. They should also be able to help you.


  • Hi KongY,
    Thanks for your reply.

    The conflict message didn´t show up before, I guess they made some adjustments on the configurator.

    Other than for hosting the Hypervisors, what else can those SD modules be used for?