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Dell Virtual Integrated System

Dell Virtual Integrated System
Transform data center operations and increase flexibility with the Dell Virtual Integrated System (VIS)
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  • Dell VIS Creator

    Dell Virtual Integrated System (VIS) Creator enables Automated self-service delivery of IT resources, empowering authorized users to quickly deploy workloads. Dell VIS Creator provides a secure self-service portal for authorized users, who can then select, deploy and manage resources. Dell...
  • Dell VIS Creator Sprawl Control Use Case

    Kailas Jawadekar, Dell VIS Product Marketing, demos using VIS Creator to control VM Sprawl.
  • Dell Creator 2.1 Physical Resource Manager Demo

    Kailas Jawadekar, Dell Product Technical Marketing, created the following video that demonstrates how Dell Creator 2.1 Physical Resource Manager (PRM) allows an admin to deploy workloads on physical Dell, HP or IBM servers. In addition, Dell Creator can deploy VMware ESXi to bare metal servers and add...