Here is a walk-through using the Dell Client Configuration Utility to enable Wake On LAN for client systems.

In DCCU, go to the BIOS Settings section and locate the Wakeup On LAN setting.
Locate WOL settings item in DCCU

Once you check the box on the left, the drop-down box will allow you to choose the configuration. I use Enabled for all NICs.

Select WOL option

At the bottom of the section you can then choose Create BIOS Settings Package. This will prompt you to save the file. I suggest naming it something related to the option you are changing. In this case we will name it WOL.exe.

Save File

You now have an executable that you can distribute with any software distribution mechanism. As this does temporarily install a driver on the fly, you will need to execute this under administrator privileges. In Vista you can right-click and choose Run As Administrator. Once you run it you will see some files appear and then quickly delete; this is the driver loading temporarily. After the execution you are left with a results file in XML format. You also get zero exit code returned to shell for success that most enterprise software distribution systems can use.

XML results