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What is Catalog ?
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What is Catalog?

DELL EMC PowerEdge Server Catalogs

DELL EMC PowerEdge Server Catalogs are an aggregation of all Bundles and Dell Update Packages’ metadata carried for Dell EMC PowerEdge 11G, 12G and 13G servers, as well as select Dell PowerVault and Dell EqualLogic Servers


DELL EMC PowerEdge Server Catalogs are refreshed every month on the 2nd and 4th Friday.

DELL EMC Online Catalog:  General catalog that is used by many DELL EMC tools such as DELL EMC Repository Manager, OpenManage Essentials, ASM and other tools.

DELL EMC LC Catalog:  Same content as the DELL EMC Online Catalog, but saved in .gz format for use with DELL EMC Lifecycle Controller

DELL EMC SDP Catalog:  Same content as the DELL EMC Online Catalog, but saved in the format required my Microsoft SCUP.

**Note:  Dell PowerEdge 9G and 10G servers have reached end of support life, new catalogs do not carry content for these platforms.

What's New + Downloads

Online Catalog

Date PDK Catalog (cab format) PDK Catalog (gz format) sign file (for gz format)
02/09/2018 FOLDER04806147M FOLDER04806148M FOLDER04806149M
01/26/2018 FOLDER04786957M FOLDER04786960M FOLDER04786961M
12/22/2017 FOLDER04727585M FOLDER04727586M FOLDER04727587M
12/08/2017 FOLDER04697458M FOLDER04697459M FOLDER04697460M
11/24/2017 FOLDER04682647M FOLDER04682648M FOLDER04682649M
11/10/2017 FOLDER04642470M FOLDER04642471M FOLDER04642472M
10/27/2017 FOLDER04621530M FOLDER04621532M FOLDER04621534M
10/13/2017 FOLDER04592908M FOLDER04592910M FOLDER04592912M
09/22/2017 FOLDER04565919M FOLDER04565920M FOLDER04565924M
09/08/2017 FOLDER04523371M FOLDER04523374M FOLDER04523375M
08/25/2017 FOLDER04499434M FOLDER04499436M FOLDER04499437M
08/11/2017 FOLDER04473298M FOLDER04473299M FOLDER04473300M
07/25/2017 FOLDER04450198M FOLDER04450199M FOLDER04450200M
07/14/2017 FOLDER04424673M FOLDER04424674M FOLDER04424675M
06/23/2017 FOLDER04392367M FOLDER04392368M FOLDER04392369M
06/09/2017 FOLDER04365326M FOLDER04365327M FOLDER04365328M
05/12/2017 FOLDER04312615M FOLDER04312617M FOLDER04312618M
04/28/2017 FOLDER04298363M FOLDER04298364M FOLDER04298365M
04/14/2017 FOLDER04276961M FOLDER04270941M FOLDER04270942M
03/24/2017 FOLDER04241318M FOLDER04241320M FOLDER04241321M
03/09/2017 FOLDER04220535M FOLDER04220536M FOLDER04220537M
02/24/2017 FOLDER04193711M FOLDER04193712M FOLDER04193713M
02/10/2017 FOLDER04172238M FOLDER04172277M FOLDER04172278M
12/23/2016 FOLDER04158860M (10G)
12/12/2014 FOLDER02730016M (9G)











Date             LC Catalog          LC Catalog sign file  
02/09/2018 FOLDER04806158M FOLDER04806159M
01/26/2018 FOLDER04787001M FOLDER04787003M
12/22/2017 FOLDER04727592M FOLDER04727593M
12/08/2017 FOLDER04697465M FOLDER04697466M
11/24/2017 FOLDER04682662M FOLDER04682663M
11/10/2017 FOLDER04651727M FOLDER04651728M
10/27/2017 FOLDER04621547M FOLDER04621548M
10/13/2017 FOLDER04598500M FOLDER04598501M
09/22/2017 FOLDER04562987M FOLDER04562988M
09/08/2017 FOLDER04523380M FOLDER04523381M
08/25/2017 FOLDER04498956M FOLDER04498957M
08/11/2017 FOLDER04473303M FOLDER04473305M
07/25/2017 FOLDER04450208M FOLDER04450210M
07/14/2017 FOLDER04443713M FOLDER04443714M
06/23/2017 FOLDER04392381M FOLDER04392382M
06/09/2017 FOLDER04376070M FOLDER04376071M
05/12/2017 FOLDER04312628M FOLDER04312630M
04/28/2017 FOLDER04298367M FOLDER04298368M
04/14/2017 FOLDER04276962M FOLDER04276963M
03/24/2017 FOLDER04240280M FOLDER04240281M
03/09/2017 FOLDER04220531M FOLDER04220532M
02/24/2017 FOLDER04181267M FOLDER04181268M
02/10/2017 FOLDER04172246M FOLDER04172247M

Date SDP Catalog
02/09/2018 FOLDER04798963M
01/26/2018 FOLDER04782895M
12/22/2017 FOLDER04727664M
12/08/2017 FOLDER04697469M
11/24/2017 FOLDER04682870M
11/10/2017 FOLDER04642487M
10/27/2017 FOLDER04621561M
10/13/2017 FOLDER04589307M
09/22/2017 FOLDER04557799M
09/08/2017 FOLDER04524504M
08/25/2017 FOLDER04498965M
08/11/2017 FOLDER04473312M
07/25/2017 FOLDER04450237M
07/19/2017 FOLDER04424680M
06/23/2017 FOLDER04393383M
06/09/2017 FOLDER04365434M
05/12/2017 FOLDER04312644M
04/28/2017 FOLDER04298371M
04/14/2017 FOLDER04276957M
03/24/2017 FOLDER04240299M
03/09/2017 FOLDER04220526M
02/24/2017 FOLDER04181258M
02/10/2017 FOLDER04172260M
12/23/2016 FOLDER04158866M (10G)
12/12/2014 FOLDER02729544M (9G)
  • Dell Power Edge FX2 updates are available in Dell online catalog

  • 14G Platforms are available in Catalog

    R640, R740, R740xd and C6420

  • Sure would be nice with some comments to the different ones.

    Also, what does "PDK" stand for? Should also be mentioned in the description, like LC and that other.

    And thirdly, why not direct-link these files? Also there should be a mirror site too (Atm. the server is either mediating or handed in the towel)