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 What is Server Update Utility?

Dell OpenManage Server Update Utility (SUU) is an application available in ISO for identifying and applying updates to the system. SUU is no longer DVD-based application, copy the ISO onto a USB drive or on the network drive.

You can use SUU to update the Dell PowerEdge system or to view the updates available for system that supports SUU. SUU compares the versions of components currently installed on the system with the versions of the components packaged on the Dell PowerEdge Server Update Utility media.

SUU displays a comparison report of the versions and provides various options for updating the components. 

Note that only users with administrator (Microsoft Windows) or root (Linux) privileges can perform updates using SUU. 

 What's New + Downloads

Dell’s 13th generation PowerEdge servers. The platforms supported are:

    • R230
    • R330
    • T130
    • T330
    • DSS1500
    • DSS1510
    • DSS2500

Documentation (Home)

Dell OpenManage Server Update Utility Version 15.12.00 User’s Guide

Dell OpenManage Server Update Utility 15.12.00 (32-bit) Release Notes
Dell OpenManage Server Update Utility 15.12.00 (64-bit) Release Notes
Older Versions

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 Video Demos 

Updating Dell Servers by Integrating SUU with Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Cluster Aware Update
Using Server Update Utility with Content Manager
By Scott Hanson

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White Papers & Best Practices

SUU Supporting the DUP Dependency
Server Update Utility (SUU) Usage

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