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Server Administrator v7.2 was available in Jan 2013 and it brings lots of new features to the product:

  • Installation:
    • Support x64 Windows operating systems.
    • Support for granular install options (Windows & Linux)
    • New Operating System Support:
      • Microsoft Windows Server 2012
      • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.3
      • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.3 Hypervisor
      • VMware ESX 4.1 U3
      • Citrix XenServer 6.1 (Supplemental Packs available on
      • VMware ESXi 4.1 U3 (VIB available on
  • Alert/Events:
    • Enhanced Alert messages
    • Support for viewing and selecting the format for alert messages.
    • Enhanced SNMP alert messaging. Includes unique system identifiers (system service tag, chassis service tag, and system FQDN) and message identifier (Message ID) which can be utilized in the management consoles (example: OME).
  • Support for DIMM ranking, in memory module.
  • Support for displaying license details of the installed hardware devices including the iDRAC license.
  • Improved online help interface with search capabilities.
  • Support for the following features in Storage Management:
    • Tape-Drive Report to enumerate all the supported tape drives connected to the server.
    • Physical Disk Firmware Report (controller or system level) to identify the disks connected to the server.
    • Simplified and reduced the number of screens in the Virtual Disk Creation Wizard.
  • Browser Support:
    • Internet Explorer 10
    • Mozilla Firefox 15 & 16
  • Supports following Network Interface Cards (NICs), Converged Network Adapters (CNAs), and Fibre Channels (FCs):
    • QLogic QLE2660 Single Port FC16 HBA
    • QLogic QLE2662 Dual Port FC16 HBA
    • QLogic QME2662 Dual Port FC16 HBA Mezzanine
    • Emulex LPm16002 Dual Port FC16 HBA Mezz
    • Intel I350 2 x 1Gb BT + X520 2 x 10Gb SFP+ Rack NDC

Dell OpenManage v7.2 Documentation

For more details on previously released Server Administrator and other OpenManage products, refer the OMSA online documentation.

Server Administrator v7.2 Documentation

Refer all the below documents from the Server Administrator Manuals page.

  • Server Administrator Storage Management Guide
  • Server Administrator CIM Reference Guide.
  • Server Administrator SNMP Reference Guide.
  • Server Administrator CLI (Command Line Interface) Guide.
  • Server Administrator User Guide
  • Server Administrator Readme


OMSA v7.2 can be downloaded from the following links. Please refer Server Administrator Installation Guide and Support Matrix to install these packages on the supported operating system.




XEN (Supplemental Pack):