Written by Jerry Haskins a Software Development Engineer  with Dell Inc.

 This article will go through the process of installing ESXi to the URIPS storage of a Dell server using the Dell VCenter Management Plug-in. Currently only dual RIPS embedded deployments are a fully supported feature in the 1.5 release of the plug-in, however with a few simple bios configuration you can take advantage of the embedded install to Dell servers that have the single SD URIPS in them. 

 Use the following steps to complete setup:

Go to the console of the server with URIPS that you want to deploy ESXi on. You can use physical console or go through the iDrac remote console. Turn on the system and us the F2 command to invoke the “System Setup” settings when the F commands appear at the top right of the post screen.


 Once in “System Setup” choose “Integrated Devices” to make sure the internal SD card port is enabled.


Set “Internal SD Card Port” to On. (Note if there is no SD card in the system you will not be able to change the value for this setting to “On”)

 If the “Internal SD Card Port” was disabled you will have to reboot at this point for the system to detect it and then re-enter the F2 “System setup” to complete the configuration. If the “Internal SD Card Port” is already set to on you can proceed without reboot.

 Now choose “Boot Settings” on the main menu and hit enter.


Boot mode should be set to BIOS as shown below then choose “Hard-Disk Drive Sequence” and hit enter to go into the sub-menu.

 Set the first hard disk to be the “Internal SD Card:”


Now hit the Esc key until the exit screen appears and choose “Save changes and exit”

 The system is now ready to deploy ESXi 5.0 to using the Dell VMware Management Plug-in 1.5.

Discover the system per normal procedures and add it to your bare metal inventory.

From VCenter, choose Home and then click on the Dell Management Center and run the deployment wizard on the system you just configured for URIPS embedded deployment of ESXi 5.

At the “Global Settings Screen” it will tell you that installation to Internal SD Module is disabled because none of the server selected have an available Internal Dual SD Module.

 Ignore the error and proceed letting it deploy to the hard disk. Since ESXi 5.0 uses the same installer for hard disk and embedded the installer will use the SD card and the install will succeed to the URIPS.

To make sure the Dell Plug-in can only deploy to the URIPS it is a good idea to disconnect any hard drive in the systems by simply un-seating them during the install process and then reseating them after the deployment finishes.  

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