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Dell Systems Management Solutions: Dell OpenManage, iDRAC, Repository Manager, Microsoft SCCM, Chassis Managment Controller, and more

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What's new in iDRAC9?

The integrated Dell Remote Access Controller 9 (iDRAC9) with Lifecycle Controller is embedded within every Dell EMC PowerEdge™ server and provides functionality that helps IT administrators deploy, update, monitor, and maintain  servers with no need for any additional software to be installed.   iDRAC functions regardless of operating system or hypervisor presence because from a pre-OS or bare-metal state, iDRAC is ready to work because it is embedded within each server from the factory.  The new iDRAC9 delivers the following revolutionary systems management capabilities:

  • Industry leading firsts
    • Multi Vector Cooling for precise air flow cooling of 3rd party PCIe cards.
    • Connection View provides the switch and port for iDRAC, LOM’s and Dell supported PCIe cards.
    • Expanded “Agent free” storage management functions such as Online Capacity Expansion (OCE) and RAID Level Migration (RLM)
    • Quick Sync 2 with BLE/Wi-Fi for at the server mobile/tablet access
    • System Lockdown feature restricts use of Dell tools to make changes to BIOS, iDRAC, firmware, etc  (Security)
  • Automation additions
    • Support for Redfish 2016.R1 and .R2
    • Server Configuration Profile (SCP) new features
    • local file streaming via Wsman and Redfish
    • HTTP/S file transfer
    • available in JSON format along with XML
    • firmware repository  based updates
  • Security Improvements
    • Random Password is the default iDRAC password (“calvin” is an orderable option)
    • Security warning banner on log in page
    • Hardware Root of Trust for iDRAC and BIOS booting
  • GUI Enhancements
    • Full HTML5 web interface for faster page loading and ease of use
    • Export and import SCP
    • Added Power Control and Next Boot options in HTML5 vConsole (huge customer demand, including Dell IT)
    • BIOS configuration in the iDRAC GUI
    • Group Manager – self-contained code in iDRAC allows SMB customers a quick health overview of all servers in the group
  • SupportAssist – faster time to resolution
    • iDRAC Service Module (iSM) is pre-installed on the iDRAC; helps gather logs used to troubleshoot errors
    • SupportAssist 1x1 ‘phone home’ service to Dell Support – great for SMB customers
    • SupportAssist Collector now includes iDRAC core dumps, hardware crash dumps, and ESXi logs for more accurate resolution
    • SupportAssist Viewer – detailed log report for customer viewing by standard web browsers.

If you are new to iDRAC with Lifecycle Controller, check out the "how to" videos we have on here.

The Integrated Dell Remote Access Controller (iDRAC) is designed to make server administrators more productive and improve the overall availability of Dell servers. iDRAC alerts administrators to server issues, helps them perform remote server management, and reduces the need for physical access to the server.

Download the iDRAC9 with Lifecycle Controller Specification Sheet here.


Downloads and Release Notes

Current Version (28 Mar 2018)

iDRAC9 14th Generation PowerEdge Download


iDRAC9 Documentation
iDRAC9 v3.15.15.15 User’s Guide PDF (10302 KB)
iDRAC9 with LC for Dell PowerEdge Servers Version Release Notes PDF (98 KB)
iDRAC9 v3.15.15.15 Redfish API Reference Guide PDF (1046 KB)
iDRAC9 v3.15.15.15 RACADM CLI Guide PDF (3156 KB)
Dell Lifecycle Controller GUI v3.15.15.15 User's Guide PDF (959 KB)
Dell Lifecycle Controller Remote Services v3.15.15.15 Quick Start Guide PDF (433 KB)
14G L1 Lifecycle Controller Operating System Driver Pack Version 17.05.21 Reference Guide

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  • I'm looking for the WS-MAN WSDLs for iDrac7. I can't seem to find these anywhere on Dell's site, anyone know where those might be?

  • WSMAN WSDLs are located at:

    Also, they are referenced at:

  • hello iam having problem with one of my dell laptop speaker what should i do????

  • Tahreem, I try to disassemble server but lost a ball bearing from the hard drive.  Can you help me figure out how to put my DRAC back together.

  • The links to the 1.50.50, A00 version do not work from here and from all previous release pages. Is there a problem with this version? Is there a link to it's manual? I would like to learn more about it's VNC features.

  • 1.50.50 just sticks at verifying details... cannot get past it...

  • Are there any idrac7 vs idrac8 docs?

  • re: drac 8

    the link to the user documents seem broken

    and where is the pdf download for the link below

  • Hi mactheblade, The 2.00.00 "high level" and direct link to the PDF worked for me. Note also that user guides are usually only updated on major releases, such as 2.10.10/2.20.20/etc. So, the 2.00.00 UG will also be applicable to 2.05.05.

    Hope this clarifies.


  • Hi,

    the documentation link is not working and the video is not showing how to set up the controller the first time.

    How can I access the webpage to configure the controller if I can't find it on the network?


  • The idrac7 page tells me that its now using the same package as idrac8 but when I download it my R720 says its not compatible. Is there a different download link or is it not yet supported ?

  • Does anyone know the RACADM subcommand that determines whether the iDrac is version 7 or 8?  Thanks!

  • I've tried searching for part no 385-BBHP DELL iDRAC8 Enterprise Perpetual Digital License on the Dell site so I can purchase one. I'm having no luck. Any help would be gratefully received.

  • Inquisitor, please contact your Dell sales representative to get that iDRAC Enterprise license for your server.

  • I use the iDRAC Gui to install firmware updates.  However the process is SLOOOOW, especially waiting for reboots to occur.  When faced with a pending reboot, may I jumpstart the process by rebooting the server on my own?