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OpenManage Essentials (OME) is a systems management console that provides simple, basic Dell hardware management and is available as a free download.

The latest release is OME 2.1 and it launched on September 15, 2015.  It brings a lot of great new features to the product.

Dell OpenManage Essentials (OME) version 2.1 is the latest release of our easy to install, intuitively simple to use, and customer-acclaimed, One-to-Many systems management console that is optimized to provide comprehensive lifecycle management of Dell PowerEdge converged, rack and tower servers.  OpenManage Essentials also delivers extensive infrastructure health monitoring, control, and support for Dell servers, storage, networking, business clients, firewall appliances, and 3rd party hardware.   

Key NEW  features  available with OpenManage Essentials v2.1:

  • Stateless computing with centralized management of server virtual I/O addresses within OME - Server Configuration Management
    • Simplify server provisioning through profile-based deployments
    • Enable elasticity of compute resources through definition of a stateless computing pool in a Boot-from-SAN environment
    • Enable simplified server migration for disaster recovery operations
  • Simplified discovery for Dell PowerEdge converged platforms (M1000e, FX2 and VRTX)
      • Elimination of multiple steps in establishing discovery ranges for various components (CMC, iDRACs, and IOAs)
      • Automated speedy discovery of Dell converged platforms through use of a single CMC credential 
  • Full lifecycle management (discovery/inventory, monitoring, update and server configuration management) is now enabled for the followingDell PowerEdge C-series servers:    
      • PowerEdge C4130
      • PowerEdge C6320
  • Report enhancements include the availability of additional reports and categorizations
  • Alert enhancements provide root-cause sources and recommendations on how to resolve issues



Existing OpenManage Essentials features also available now in OME v2.1:

  • Anytime, anywhere mobile access to data center health status information with OpenManage Mobile
  • Integration with Dell ProSupport SupportAssist for proactive remote support, automated support case creation and hardware failure notification sent securely to Dell technical support for intelligent issue analysis, diagnosis, and part-replacements upon customer request
  • Comprehensive, deep management visibility and control for Dell blades and Chassis Management Controller (CMC), Dell storage and networking devices, and Dell AppAssure through a context sensitive link and launch of the respective element management interface
  • Geographic View at-a-glance visibility of VRTX systems’ physical locations geographically mapped
  • Agent-free OOB inventory and update of Dell 11G and 12G PowerEdge servers
  • Agent-free monitoring of Dell PowerEdge 12G servers
  • Traditional agent-based systems management functionality in all supported 9-12G servers
  • Management of Dell PowerEdge C platforms with IPMI
  • Monitoring of non-Dell HW devices through import of 3rd party HW SNMP MIBs
  • Reporting of Warranty expiration and comprehensive inventory reports
  • Hardware component-level monitoring and updates for Dell PowerEdge servers, blade systems and internal storage arrays
  • Support and control of Dell hardware in Windows, Linux, VMware, Hyper-V and OpenSource  environments
  • Enhanced management functionality through integration with the following Dell solutions:
    • Dell KACE K1000 Appliance – comprehensive, economical and straightforward management of both clients and servers through a single interface
    • Dell Repository Manager – version control and scheduling of PowerEdge server updates 
    • Dell OpenManage Power Center – optimization of  PowerEdge power usage


Dell OpenManage Essentials Core Features:

Simple and effective

  • Modern UI and Faster responsiveness
  • Easy to install & low touch maintenance
  • Simple to use and learn

Basic Hardware Element Management

  •  Discover, Inventory & Monitoring Dell Servers, storage and networking switches.
  •  Update & Configure Dell Servers
  •  Asset reporting (ServiceTag, FRU and Warranty, etc)

Agent-free Management

  •  Discover and Correlate IDRAC / Server and Blades / Chassis
  •  Agent Free Monitoring on Dell 12th generation Dell servers.
  •  Update 11th and 12th Generation Dell PowerEdge servers (starting with OME v1.1)

OpenManage Essentials is available as a free download from the Dell Support Site. The OME console's inventory function integrates with the Dell Repository Manager to automatically facilitate the creation of custom repositories of new updates for your systems.  

If you are new to the product, Take the Quick Tour or watch the OME Overview Video below:


License Info:

Licensing OpenManage Essentials “Server Configuration Management”:  OpenManage Essentials (OME) is available as a free software download.  The download of OpenManage Essentials software also includes the opportunity to download and activate Dell SupportAssist services.  In addition, Dell offers fee-based “Server Configuration Management” licenses that enable template–based deployment and configuration of bare-metal PowerEdge servers, detection of server configuration drift, virtual IO management. and state-less computing, among several additional management capabilities.  “Server Configuration Management” licenses are available at both POS (Point-Of-Sale) with a server purchase and APOS (After-Point-Of-Sale) for 12G & 13G PowerEdge servers.  License SKUS for OpenManage Essentials “Server Configuration Management” are as follows:   

  • POS:     634-BBWU  
  • APOS:   634-BBWT

For additional information, please contact a Dell Sales Representative. 



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OME 2.1 Simplified discovery for Dell PowerEdge converged platforms