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Scripting the iDRAC and Lifecycle Controller

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Systems Management
Dell Systems Management Solutions: Dell OpenManage, iDRAC, Repository Manager, Microsoft SCCM, Chassis Managment Controller, and more

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Scripting the iDRAC and Lifecycle Controller

Systems Management - Wiki

The Dell Remote Access Controller and Dell Lifecycle Controller provide robust interfaces for remote and automated management.  The Web Services for Management (WS-Man) interface exposes a complete set of methods for remotely managing system inventory, system configuration, firmware updates, and maintenance tasks.  WS-Man can be used to automate server management operations or to integrate with management consoles.

This page contains various sample scripts and code to get you started with developing customized solutions and workflows to manage your Dell PowerEdge servers through the Remote Services interface.

You may freely download and use the scripts and code on this page and referring pages as long as you do not change the notice included in the files. If not already included, this notice will apply.  You may upload scripts and code on this page or add a reference or link as long as you accept this agreement.


RECITE is Python-based scripting environment providing an interactive mode and easy workflow capability to simplify working with Remote Services in iDRAC with Lifecycle Controller.

PowerShell Cmdlets for PowerEdge Servers

These PowerShell cmdlet modules enable PowerEdge remote management via the iDRAC with Lifecycle Controller.

  • LC2 scripts, and additional information, can be found at the main LC page:

  • There are files missing from "BIOS Attributes push pull".

    It is specifically looking for BIOS0.01.xml and NIC0.01.xml, neither of which is present in the current bundle and is rendering the utility completely useless.

    Does anyone know how we might get that addressed?

    PS -

    It's possible that the NIC0.01.xml fiel required is the same one found in the "NIC Attributes push pull" utility, but that doesn't help me with BIOS ... which is actually what I need right now.


  • Too bad this comment is so much later but for anybody else who has the problem that johnsterdotcom mentioned:

    The BIOS attributes file required for "BIOS Attributes push pull" can be found at:

    In order for the to work as specified in the README though, there are a couple things you need to do:

    1.) put the BIOS attributes file into the same directory as and rename it BIOS0.01.xml

    2.) there is an error inside of that will cause a "IndexError: list index out of range" error to be thrown. The fix is to change the for loop near line 226 to a while loop as follows:

    i = 0

    while i

  • ...continued from above...

    i = 0

    while i

  • hm... it won't let me post the while loop. well bottom line is you need to adjust the loop so that you don't go past the last index of attrlist or vallist