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Scripting the Dell Lifecycle Controller

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Systems Management
Dell Systems Management Solutions: Dell OpenManage, iDRAC, Repository Manager, Microsoft SCCM, Chassis Managment Controller, and more

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Scripting the Dell Lifecycle Controller

Systems Management - Wiki

The Dell™ Lifecycle Controller embedded technology is developed on the industry-standard Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) platform and Web Services for Management (WS-Man) interfaces, providing an open environment for console integration.

This page contains various sample scripts and code to get you started with developing customized solutions and workflows to manage your Dell PowerEdge servers through the Remote Services interface.

You may freely download and use the scripts and code on this page and referring pages as long as you do not change the notice included in the files. If not already included, this notice will apply.  You may upload scripts and code on this page or add a reference or link as long as you accept this agreement.

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Feature Description Type
 Event Support for iDRAC7 (Version 1.30.30 +) This document describes the Web Service Eventing (WS–Eventing) support on Dell PowerEdge Management Servers.


iDRM shell scripts iDRM contains various scripts that provide a wrapper command line interface to systems management workflows using WSL for WSMAN operations to iDRAC.

wsl, sh

Python WS-Man API For scripting using Python, check this Python module for WS-Man.

python, api

RECITE RECITE is another Python-based scripting environment providing an interactive mode and easy workflow capability to simplify working with Remote Services in iDRAC with Lifecycle Controller. python, workflow
psDCIM psDCIM provides a collection of cmdlets to get started working with Remote Services in iDRAC with Lifecycle Controller. powershell, windows
LC 1.5 Windows Examples Working sample scripts in the LC 1.5 Web Service Interface Guide for Windows. winrm, batch
LC 1.5 Linux Examples Working sample scripts in the LC 1.5 Web Service Interface Guide for Linux. wsmancli, sh
Firmware Update - shell Linux shell scripts to perform Firmware Update using WSMan. wsmancli, sh
Bios Boot Config - shell Linux shell scripts to configure BIOS and BOOT using WSMan. wsmancli, sh
Nic Config - shell Linux shell scripts to configure NIC using WSMan. wsmancli, sh
System (hw) Inventory - shell Linux shell scripts to inventory System or Hardware using WSMan. wsmancli, sh
CSIOR, AutoDHS - shell Linux shell scripts to Collect System Inventory On Restart using WSMan.
Linux shell script to perform Auto Discovery using WSMan.
wsmancli, sh
NIC Attributes get set diff Python scripts to inventory (get) and configure (set) NIC attributes using WSMan. It allows cloning bios attributes between two different (or same) systems. It also allows to visualize difference (diff) in NIC attributes between two systems.
wsmancli, py
OS Deployment (drivers, network/vflash boot) Python scripts to deploy the operating system using WSMan. It allows setting up or staging the driver packs and booting to an ISO on a network or on the vFlash-capable SD card in the LC. winrm, wsmancli, py
Backup and Restore Python scripts to backup and restore the host system server profile using WSMan. The image is backed up as an image to a network and restored using the same image. winrm, wsmancli, py
Re-initiate Auto-Discovery Python scripts to reinitiate auto-discovery on a system by
using WSMan.This involves setting up provisioning server and auto-discovery client certificate and private key.
winrm, wsmancli, py
Firmware Inventory and Update Python scripts to inventory and update the firmware on the LC using WSMan. winrm, wsmancli, py
LC Log Insert Worknote, Export and Display Python scripts to insert worknote (comment) into LC log, export the log and display entries from the exported log. winrm, wsmancli, py
CSIOR and Part Replacement Python scripts to perform Collection System Inventory On Restart (CSIOR) and Part Replacement (configuration/firmware update). winrm, wsmancli, py
Hardware Inventory and Factory Config diff Python scripts to Inventory the Hardware and find the diff between current Hardware Inventory and Factory Configuration. winrm, wsmancli, py
  • LC2 scripts, and additional information, can be found at the main LC page:

  • There are files missing from "BIOS Attributes push pull".

    It is specifically looking for BIOS0.01.xml and NIC0.01.xml, neither of which is present in the current bundle and is rendering the utility completely useless.

    Does anyone know how we might get that addressed?

    PS -

    It's possible that the NIC0.01.xml fiel required is the same one found in the "NIC Attributes push pull" utility, but that doesn't help me with BIOS ... which is actually what I need right now.


  • Too bad this comment is so much later but for anybody else who has the problem that johnsterdotcom mentioned:

    The BIOS attributes file required for "BIOS Attributes push pull" can be found at:

    In order for the to work as specified in the README though, there are a couple things you need to do:

    1.) put the BIOS attributes file into the same directory as and rename it BIOS0.01.xml

    2.) there is an error inside of that will cause a "IndexError: list index out of range" error to be thrown. The fix is to change the for loop near line 226 to a while loop as follows:

    i = 0

    while i

  • ...continued from above...

    i = 0

    while i

  • hm... it won't let me post the while loop. well bottom line is you need to adjust the loop so that you don't go past the last index of attrlist or vallist