The Dell™ Lifecycle Controller embedded technology on Dell PowerEdge™ 11G servers gives administrators and managers the ability to easily update the system from within the system. Pressing F10 during the boot process opens System Services, which includes Platform Updates, and the first option is to connect through File Transfer Protocol (FTP) to and download the latest updates. For connections in a secure area, there is a second option to perform the update process through a USB-connected storage device.

View these demos of the Lifecycle Controller to become more familiar with the interface. This page provides information on the process used for USB updates and helps with building a USB update device that can be used inside a secure facility.

USB Updates Using Repository Manager with Lifecycle Controller

The process for using a USB device to update system drivers via Lifecycle controller used to be a more complicated, manual process, but Dell Repository Manager has simplified the steps compared the old process.

The following video outlines the steps involved in exporting Dell Update Packages from within Repository Manager to a USB key and then installing those updates via Dell Lifecycle Controller 1.4. The video assumes that you are already somewhat familiar with Repository Manager and Lifecycle controller. For an introduction to both of those tools, please visit the Lifecycle Controller Demo and Repository Manager Demo pages on Dell TechCenter.