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The Dell KACE Family of Systems Management Appliances

Dell KACE provides a comprehensive approach to systems management that allows Systems Administrators to save time while saving money for their companies. The Dell KACE Family of Systems Management Appliances are easy-to-use, comprehensive and affordable and they fulfill the systems management needs of organizations of all sizes, from initial computer deployment to ongoing management and retirement.

The KACE Advantage

Available in three different deployment options from on premise physical or virtual solutions or as a hosted, cloud service via K1000 as a Service*, the Dell KACE appliances make efficient computer, device and server management a reality. They provide a low cost alternative to computer management software by using a pre-integrated and pre-configured appliance-based architecture. Simply connect the appliance to the network, give it an IP address and you are ready to begin managing all your desktops, laptops, network connected devices and servers. Unlike traditional computer management software, Dell KACE appliances typically deploy in only one day. And because Dell KACE appliances are fully integrated and pre-configured, there are no hardware or software pre-requisites, no incremental professional service fees and no hidden costs. It's all in the appliance.

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* K1000 as a Service may not be available in all regions, please check with your local sales representative for availability.

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