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OpenManage Integration for VMware vCenter

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Systems Management
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OpenManage Integration for VMware vCenter

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What is the OpenManage Integration for VMware vCenter?

The OpenManage Integration for VMware vCenter (OMIVV) is designed to streamline the management processes in your data center environment by allowing you to use VMware vCenter to manage your entire server infrastructure - both physical and virtual. From monitoring system level information, bubbling up system alerts for action in vCenter, rolling out firmware updates to an ESXi cluster, to bare metal deployment, the OpenManage Integration will expand and enrich your data center management experience with Dell PowerEdge servers.


OpenManage Integration for VMware vCenter - Value proposition




Getting started

To download a free 5 host, 90 day evaluation appliance for version 2.3, please click here.  The following video steps through the installation process:



What's new?

January 22, 2015 - v2.3 Release

• Support for the 13G server releases (R530, R430, FC630, M630, T430)
• Support for CMC monitoring and alerting with the new CMC firmware (M1000e = v5.0, VRTX = v2.0, FX2 = v1.1)



OMIVV Features

Features Description
Inventory Detail Complete PowerEdge Server Details
  • Memory - Quantity and Type
  • NIC
  • PSU
  • Processors
  • RAC
  • Warranty Info
  • Server- and Cluster-level Views

M1000e and VRTX Chassis Details

  • Chassis power supply
  • KVM status
  • Fan / thermal details
  • Warranty Info
  • CMC
  • View of empty switch / server slots
BIOS and Firmware Update Deployment Cluster level BIOS and Firmware BIOS and firmware updates inside vCenter
  • Baselines and Templates
  • Updates staged from VMware vCenter
Built-in Deployment Wizard Dell Servers Show up as a Bare Metal Server
  • Set configs of BIOS and Firmware updates
Profile Settings and Template
  • RAID
  • Server Name
  • IP Address
Hypervisor Templates for ESX and ESXi 4.1 and later release
Alert Control Level
  • Set Manual Approval Requirement
  • Allow the Tool to Automatically Remediate
Online Warranty Info Server Warranty Info via VMware vCenter
  • Service Provider
  • Warranty Type
  • Service Dates on Server or Cluster Level
Cluster Level Overview of Dell Servers
  • High Level Summary
  • Expanded View
  • Firmware
  • Warranty
  • Power
  • Reports
    • Sortable
    • Filterable
    • Exportable to CSV format




OMIVV Manuals

New! 2.3



Additional Videos

Features Overview

Chassis integration setup

Chassis information deep dive




Technical overview
How licensing works
Migrating from v1.6 / 1.7 to v2.x
How to connect servers
Generating reports
How to use bare-metal server discovery
Hypervisor deployment

Using Dell Repository Manager with OMIVV

How to do firmware updates

How to update using a local update directory



Other Resources

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