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OpenManage Client Instrumentation (OMCI)

Systems Management - Wiki

NOTE: The latest version of OMCI is called Dell Command | Monitor is now a part of the Dell Client Command Suite .  

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This page is maintained for customers using OMCI 8.x or earlier.

Dell™ OpenManage™ Client Instrumentation (OMCI) is available on Dell OptiPlex™, Dell Precision Workstation™, and Dell Latitude™ client systems. Using OMCI, system administrators can remotely manage assets, monitor system health, and inventory deployed systems in the enterprise.

OMCI interfaces with leading enterprise management consoles that support industry standards. This approach helps to ensure that Dell systems can be managed by a broad array of existing enterprise management tools. OMCI also interfaces with Dell OpenManage products such as IT Assistant and OpenManage Client Connector. Finally, tight integration with Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) allows customers to take advantage of the rich scripting capabilities for collecting information and customizing system settings. OMCI is provided at no additional charge to Dell customers.

OMCI Quick Links

OMCI Documentation (all versions) OMCI 7.x Overview White Paper
OMCI and ConfigMgr 2007 OMCI Heath Monitoring Whitepaper
OMCI Sample Scripts (VBScript and PowerShell) Download 32-bit OMCI 8.2.1 (released 10/18/2013)
Download 64-bit OMCI 8.2.1 (released 10/18/2013)
Extending Biz-Client Instrumentation using DELL OpenManage™ Client Instrumentation Tool v8.x Whitepaper
Using SNMP with OMCI - whitepaper

Enhancements included in the latest release

  • Added Support for Windows 8.1 OS;
  • Added Support for the following new BIOS options:
    • Dell Reliable Memory Technology,
    • Dell Wyse P25 Bios Access,
    • Pci Mmio Size,
    • Pci Allocation Priority,
    • Intel Platform Trust Technology,
    • Deep Sleep Control.
  • Added Support for IO Riser cards

Read the WhitePaper and Download Sample Scripts - How to Enable Trusted Platform Module (TPM) on Dell Business Client Systems

Installing OMCI

Installing OMCI manually is pretty simple. Just download the latest version (links above) and install with administrative rights.

To perform an unattended installation to be used with your favorite software distribution tool, perform the following steps:

  1. Download the latest OMCI client (links above).
  2. Launch DUP executable with the following parameters:

Systems-Management_Application_YTD6R_WN_8.2.1.70_A00.EXE /s

  • There does not seem to be a setup.exe after extracting the executable.  Please update the instructions.

  • Im currently investigating a potential issue with OptiPlex 960's & the latest OMCI once installed on these PC's they lock up booting into windows 7 x64, or they lock a few minutes after booting into windows 7 x64.. it appears installing the latest A17 BIOS resolves the issue but more testing is needed before confirming this. The machines with the issue currently fixed were on A11 or A14.

     only the OptiPlex 960's seem to be effected.

  • There's a major bug in the current DUP installer (at least for x64) that means if a user runs it silently from a network share that they don't have write permissions on, the installation fails. When the DUP installer tries to clean up its temporary files, it proceeds to try and delete every directory from the root of C:\ in alphabetical order. Luckily, it appears to bail out when it hits the 'Documents and Settings' NTFS junction, but any directory with a name starting A-Dn gets wiped.

  • @salih.suavi, we have tried the recent two release DUP (x64) but have not noticed any issue w.r.t the defined setup. Kindly request to test the same with the latest release available. If the issue still persists then please get in  touch with the support team.

  • It appears that in both Revision #37 and #38 of this article that the download links for both the 32-Bit and 64-Bit versions of OMCI 8,2.1 are broken.

  • @Dustin, There was a down time due to which some newly added links had issue. This is now rectified.