The Dell OpenManage Deployment Toolkit (DTK) includes a set of utilities, sample scripts, and sample configuration files that you can use to deploy and configure the Dell systems. You can use DTK to build script-based and RPM-based installation for deploying large number of systems on a pre-operating system environment in a reliable way, without changing their current deployment processes. Using DTK you can install operating systems on Dell systems in BIOS or Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) mode.

In addition to the command line utilities used to configure various system features, DTK also provides sample scripts and configuration files to perform common deployment tasks and documentation. These files and scripts describe the use of the DTK in Microsoft Windows Pre-installation Environment (Windows PE) and Linux environments.

The benefits of the DTK:

  • Provides the tools necessary to automate the pre-operating system configuration tasks and the unattended operating system installation tasks when deploying PowerEdge systems.
  • Scales to support from one to many system deployment efforts.
  • Facilitates consistent system configurations across multiple systems.
  • Provides diverse and useful deployment tools that can be utilized in many different ways.


The Dell OpenManage Deployment Toolkit is free of charge and can be downloaded here:

Whitepaper - Documents

Configuring Dell server deployments end to end with Deployment Took Kit

Above whitepaper targets the below functionalities

  • Use DTK to configure a bare metal server with both native and advanced options.
  • Proceed on to deploy an operating system (unattended). 
  • Continue Keeping your Dell Server's driver and firmware updated with System Update Utility (SUU).

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