Dell Repository Manager is an application that allows IT Admins more easily manage system updates. Repository Manager provides an easy to use, searchable interface used to create custom collections known as bundles and repositories of Dell Update Packages (DUPs)

A Dell Update Package (DUP) is a self-contained executable in a standard package format that updates a software element on a Dell server such as the BIOS, a driver, firmware and other software updates. Using Repository Manager in conjunction with other OpenManage tools helps to ensure that your PowerEdge server is kept up to date. 

Repository Manager can compare differences between two repositories at both the bundle and component level. It allows you to create deployment tools using your custom repository. Repository Manager replaces the older Content Manager and is available for both Dell server and Dell Enterprise client products. The tool can create and manage repositories for Dell PowerEdge servers, select EquaLogic storage as well as Dell Optiplex/Lattitude/Precision Clients

Starting with version 1.4.104, Repository Manager integrates with Dell systems management products such as Dell OpenManage Essentials console and the Dell Management Plug-in for VMware vCenter. Repository Manager automates creation of custom repositories by reading inventory information from these consoles and creating of a set of updates that is newer than what is currently installed.  To enable this functionality, install Dell Repository Manager 1.4 on the same server that OpenManage Essentials is running on or enter the name / IP address of the system hosting vCenter with the proper password.

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Dell Repository Manager - Intro
By Scott Hanson
Download .WMV file ~22MB

Automated Hardware Updates using Dell Repository Manager and the Remote File Share Feature of the M1000e Blade Chassis
by Scott Hanson - Details on the customization used in this demo.

USB Updates Using Dell Repository Manager with Lifecycle Controller
by Peter Tsai

To learn more about USB updates using Repository Manager and LifeCycle Controller, please visit:

Dell Repository Manager Integration with OpenManage Essentials
by Peter Tsai

Using Dell Repository Manager to Apply Updates on VMware ESX 4 
By Scott Hanson

Adding a DUP to Repository Manager v2

By Rey Garza

Creating a Bootable ISO

Setting the Proxy Server