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DELL EMC Repository Manager (DRM)

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Welcome to Dell Repository Manager

Dell Repository Manager (DRM) is an application that allows IT Administrators to easily manage system updates. Dell Repository Manager provides a searchable interface used to create custom software collections known as bundles and repositories of Dell Update Packages (DUPs).

These bundles and repositories allow for the deployment of multiple firmware updates at once. 

A Dell Update Package (DUP) is a self-contained executable in a standard package format that updates a software element on a Dell server such as the BIOS, a device driver, firmware, and other similar software updates.

Additionally, Dell Repository Manager makes it easier to locate specific updates for a particular platform, which saves time.

See a screenshot of the Data Center Version GUI

 How does Dell Repository Manager Work?

DRM connects to Dell's online catalog of updates that contains information on the available Dell Update Packages (DUPs). Once you have selected your updates, Dell Repository Manager downloads the specific file(s) you have requested.

Repository Manager can also compare differences between two repositories at both the bundle and component level. It allows you to create deployment tools using your custom repository. Repository Manager is available for Dell Data Center (Server, Storage, Networking) and Dell Enterprise client products. The Data Center version can create and manage repositories for Dell PowerEdge servers, select EquaLogic, PowerVault & Compellent storage as well as select PowerConnect and Force10 networking switches.  The Dell Client version manages updates for Dell Latitude, Precision Workstation and OptiPlex client systems.

Dell Repository Manager integrates with Dell systems management products such as Dell OpenManage Essentials console and the Dell Management Plug-in for VMware vCenter. Dell Repository Manager automates creation of custom repositories by reading inventory information from these consoles and creating of a set of updates that is newer than what is currently installed.  

What's New + Downloads

Release Summary

v 2.2

What's new:

  • Repository Manager integration with Dell Lifecycle Controller Integration for Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager
  • Flexibility to do tasks at Repository Bundle level
  • Easy Access to Previous Catalogs
  • Quicker Deployment Tool creation with Concurrent Downloads

20 April 2016(download)


What's new:

1. Performance:  Building deployment tools such as a Bootable ISO and Customized Server Update Utility has always been time consuming.  Internal testing shows 30-40% improvement in build times.
2. Web download Protocols:  DRM has been enhanced to better support HTTP and HTTPS protocols.  Additionally, DRM has implemented a Network Settings option to allow customers to selectively enable or disable web protocols
3. Managing Tasks:  DRM can now create a number of scheduled tasks, including notification of new updates and notification when new catalogs are available.  DRM then assists in managing these tasks by allowing for viewing and editing the scheduled tasks.
4. Context Sensitive Help:  DRM now has context sensitive help.
5. Prerequisite Installer:  DRM relies on Microsoft Windows .NET framework, and will assist in installing the required version without leaving the DRM installer.

20 Aug 2015 (download)


New Features:

  • iDRAC Inventory integration:  DRM can extract an inventory file from a given system(s) and compare that to currently available updates.
  • Scheduled Repository Search will notify an administrator when a given repository has new updates. This search happens on a scheduled defined by the customer. If configured, DRM will also send an alert via email.
  • Email notification has been extended to include notification when a new catalog is available.
  • M1000e Inventory feature has been renamed Dell Modular Chassis Inventory, and this feature now also supports PowerEdge VRTX and FX2 systems.

 17Dec2014 (download)

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Manuals & Documents (home)
 v2.1 Installation Guide  v2.1 User's Guide - Business Client Version
 v2.1 Release Notes  v2.1 User's Guide - Data Center Version
 v2.1 Troubleshooting Guide

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Useful Links
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Repository Manager for Clients
OpenManage Essentials Home
OpenManage Integration for VMware vCenter Home
iDRAC with Lifecycle Controller Home

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  • The link for the server download (Download Dell Repository Manager - v1.4.113 (as of March 06, 2012)) has no target and is broken.

  • Thanks @schwartzberga - the link was fixed on the same day you posted the comment - March 8, 2012

  • For remote server I went with ISO attached via iDRAC. It promptly got me kicked out of the iDRAC while the server was displaying friendly "Press any key to continue" on the console and waiting for a keystroke. Of course I could not see this or press a key since iDRAC went out. I suppose Virtual CD attachment also got interrupted which could have caused some updates fail in the middle. Still trying to restore connectivity to iDRAC. And then will have to figure out what was updated and what was not.

  • Does Dell want feedback on this application?

    I'm finding a number of issues with the "produced" update collections.

    I guess I'm not real hopeful judging by what I can find of activity regarding it. :(

  • @mtiernan, pls post up your feedback. We're always interested in what our customers have to say.

  • I tried to make a Deployable Media (Using Linux Bundle) with bundles v440 for the PER710 and I get the following error message on the "Select Deployment Options" screen:

    Bundle does not support exporting to Deployment Media

    Can I ignore this message and still export the bundles?

  • @Jayuqo80, the error msg you saw usually happens when you mix selected Windows and Linux bundles to export. The Deployment Media option will be enabled in this case; but in the summary page, you will see an error msg. You can ignore the msg, and only the valid bundles will be output. But, it is always better to check and fix the issues before moving forward.

    In versoin 1.5, we improved the error report, hope it will give you more clues of what happens.

  • A Dell Repsoitory Manager forum is created at You can post your questions, share your tips, or send your comments at there.

  • Why does this only support servers? What about desktop machines? Shouldn't be to hard to add those plus some filters so your enterprise customers don't have to see the desktop/laptop options(because enterprises do not use desktop/laptops). New version works much better than older version, thanks for that. Please add workstation/desktop/laptop support. Thanks.

  • @simon10tan We do provide a Business client version of Repository Manager for Desktop/Laptop machines. Request you to please try using it and provide your valuable feedback on the same. Thanks Sashi.

  • The latest version of the Business Client Version doesn't work with Latitude 7450 devices. When you try to create a repository for latitude 7450 it fails to add a single component. Besides 7450 are listed twice in the choose dialog.

  • @LiborD We will look in to the problem. In the meanwhile, request you to please use Search Support Site for getting the components for E7450.

  • Strangely the package Chipset_Driver_1MM6C_WN_9.4.2.1019_A02.EXE is only marked for use with Windows x32.  The driver description says it's only supported on x64 operating systems so it seems it should be marked for exactly the opposite.  In any case it's making it not show up in the Windows x64 system bundle for my new PER630.  Talk about a time sync getting to the bottom of this...

  • Why does this only support servers?enterprise customers don't have to see the desktop/laptop options(because enterprises do not use desktop/laptops . The latest version of the Business Client Version doesn't work with Latitude 7450 devices. Request you to please try using it and provide your valuable feedback on the same.

    Thanks JF

    <ADMIN NOTE:  TOU Violation removed per policy>


  • The link to Repository Manager v2.2 ( doesn't work.