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Systems Management
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OpenManage Server Update Utility - SUU

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Dell™ OpenManage™ Server Update Utility (SUU) is a CD-based application for identifying and applying updates to your system. You can use SUU to update your Dell PowerEdge™ system or to view the updates available for any system supported by SUU.

SUU compares the versions of components currently installed on your system with update components packaged on the Dell PowerEdge Server Update Utility CD. SUU then displays a comparison report of the versions and provides the option of updating the components.

For the latest version, refer to our the OpenManage Downloads page on Dell TechCenter.

You can also go to and search on "SUU"


Update Dell Servers with Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Cluster Aware Update by Integrating SUU

Server Update Utility Demo

Dell Server Update Utility (SUU) - Cluster Aware Updates (CAU)

A guide for integrating Dell firmware and driver updates using the Dell Server Update Utility (SUU) for Microsoft Windows Server 2012 based cluster without affecting the availability of cluster in conjunction with Microsoft Hotfix Plug-in.

More information available at:

Updating Dell Servers by Integrating DUP with Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Cluster Aware

Using Server Update Utility with Content Manager
By Scott Hanson
Download .WMV file ~8.4MB

This demo shows how Content Manager is used to keep a local repository of firmware/BIOS/driver updates from that can then be used to update your Dell PowerEdge Servers from a network share drive.

  • We could do with a better link to SUU here.... telling us to go and search for SUU leads you to many documents but not the downloads!

  • Cannot find where to download the software, as pointed out searching for SUU does not work.

  • For what it's worth the SUU iso isn't bootable either.

  • As of 11/3, the latest SUU I found is dated 8/12/2012.  Here is a link to help others find it:

    Note that they have 3 split downloads that then have to be combined into a single ISO.  However, they also have a full ISO a little lower on the page.  I would recommend the full ISO for simplicity.

    As "rwb3" mentioned, this ISO is not bootable.  You can either mount it using a Virtual ISO mounter, or open it using 7-Zip.  Then, run suulauncher.exe to start the driver and firmware check.  

    I was able to successfully update my drivers and firmware using this tool.

    FYI in case anyone else has problems with this: my OpenManage Server Administrator link broke after the update.  However, I was able to continue accessing it via https://localhost:1311.

  • Hi all, I've added a better link to the OpenManage download page, which is updated periodically to take you straight to the latest (or at least a recent) version of SUU.

    Agree that the old text asking you to search for SUU did not yield optimal results.

  • where is this new updated link?

  • Dell Q2 Server Update Utility DL-DVD ISO - 32Bit , v.7.3.0 - A01


    Dell Driver Pack DL-DVD 7.3.0 Windows 64 bit, v.7.3.0



    (1) If there are no applicable updates, the cuu.cmd batch file will return an errorcode of '-1'. This is a huge problem if you want to use Cluster Aware Updates

    (2) If you use the 64-bit version, you will need to increase the java heap size.

  • suu -u --> #BossMode