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OpenManage Essentials (OME) management console replaces and improves upon ITA. You can find OME content at

Dell IT Assistant (ITA) is a console for managing Dell servers, storage arrays, tape libraries, network switches, printers, and clients distributed throughout a network. Through proactive alerts and notifications, Systems Administrators gain increased control over the availability of Dell platforms from a central console. ITA is a component of the Dell OpenManage suite of products, is standards-based, and free to Dell customers.

Dell IT Assistant allows for easy identification of systems experiencing problems via alerts to administrators, helping to reduce the risk of system downtime that could impact businesses. Using ITA's Web-enabled graphical user interface, systems administrators can easily monitor systems anywhere within their network.

Getting Started and Software Support Matrix for IT Assistant

If you are new to ITA, please visit this OpenManage / ITA quick start guide:

Dell TechCenter 101 article on Systems Management
Installing and Troubleshooting Dell IT Assistant

To find out which operating systems and browsers support ITAm please visit this
Support Matrix for OpenManage (including IT Assistant)


For more details on Dell IT Assistant please browse the IT Assistant Manuals and Users Guide.


To get the latest version of ITA, please visit the OpenManage Download Page.

IT Assistant Demo

ITA Server Updates Demo with Online Repository
By Scott Hanson
Download .WMV file ~8MB
This demo shows the new Online Repository functionality of IT Assistant to keep firmware/BIOS/drivers up to date with the latest versions that are available on the support Web site.

Dell IT Assistant Whitepapers

Remote Microsoft® SQL Server™ Use with IT Assistant Step-by-Step - Using OpenManage ITA with a remote SQL Connection
By Krishna Mohan and Manoj Poonia

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