Dell EMC OpenManage Ansible Modules allows Data Center and IT administrators to use RedHat Ansible to automate and orchestrate the provisioning, configuration, deployment, and update of PowerEdge Servers by leveraging the management automation capabilities in-built into the iDRAC (Integrated Dell Remote Access Controller). 

Ansible is an automation tool that can configure systems, deploy software, and orchestrate more advanced IT tasks such as continuous deployments or zero downtime rolling updates. With OpenManage Ansible Modules for PowerEdge Servers, Data Center and IT administrators will be able to rapidly deploy their infrastructure, change server configurations and will be able to manage configuration drift against a known baseline. 

What is new in BETA release?

With OpenManage Ansible Modules, you would be able to automate the following life-cycle management tasks on PowerEdge Servers: 

  • PowerEdge Server Administration
    • Power Control - Power On/Off, Soft Power Cycle, Graceful Reboot etc.
  • iDRAC Configuration
    • User and Password Administration
    • iDRAC Network Configuration
    • SNMP and SNMP Alert Configuration
    • Time Zone and NTP Settings
    • System settings such as Location
    • Configure Lifecycle Controller (LC) attributes such as CSIOR
    • Remote Syslog Servers
    • iDRAC Web Server Configuration such as SSL Encryption Bits, TLS settings etc.
  • BIOS and Boot Order Configuration
    • Configure Boot Mode (Uefi / Bios)
    • Configure Uefi / Bios Boot sequence
    • Configure One-time boot settings
  • Storage Configuration
    • Create Virtual Drives with selected RAID Levels (0, 1, 5, 6, 10, 50 and 60)
    • Delete Virtual Drives
  • OS Deployment
    • Deploy OS from a remote network file share (CIFS or NFS)
  • Firmware Update
    • Update firmware from a remote network file share (CIFS or NFS)
    • Export Firmware inventory as a JSON
    • Utilities to stage the firmware repository by downloading the Catalog files and Dell EMC Update Packages (DUPs)
  • Import / Export Server Configuration Profiles (SCP)
    • Export SCP to a remote network file share (CIFS or NFS) or locally
    • Import a SCP from a remote network  file share
  • Job and Job Queue Management
    • Retrieve status of a LC job 
    • Delete a job from LC job queue
    • Delete Job queue
  • Monitoring
    • Export LC logs to a remote file share
    • Export Tech Support Report to a remote file share


OpenManage Ansible Modules can be cloned or downloaded from the following location:


For instructions on installing the prerequisites and the modules, please see the README file


Please refer to the OpenManage Ansible Modules Documentation. Sample playbooks and examples could be found under examples directory


Please note that OpenManage Ansible Modules is in BETA development stage and therefore not ready for production. However, if you want to report any issues or provide any feedback, then please send an email to OpenManageAnsibleEval@dell.com.

We also have a #openmanageansible slack channel. You can get an invite by requesting one at http://community.codedellemc.com.


OpenManage Ansible Modules are licensed under GNU GPL v3.0 License. Please see the LICENSE for more information