* OpenManage Enterprise FAQ
* Last updated: March 26, 2018
* online this doc lives at:
* http://en.community.dell.com/techcenter/systems-management/w/openmanage-enterprise-faq


1. Install / Deploy
2. Discovery
3. Monitoring
4. Firmware Updates.
5. Device Management
6. UI
7. Templates/Server Configuration


1.0 Install / Deploy

Q: I can't get past the EULA screen since the resolution seems incorrect.
A: Display scaling in Windows 8/Windows 10 can affect the vSphere Standalone Client in such a way that you may not be able to
properly see the entire screen to accept the EULA, set the master password, and configure initial network settings. In this case
it is recommended to utilize the vSphere web interface to connect to the VM console to accept the EULA and set the initial network

If for some reason the above is not available, it is recommended to edit the compatibility settings for the vSphere client shortcut and
choose "Disable display scaling on high DPI settings".

Q: Is there a list of ports that are used by OpenManage Enterprise?
A: Yes, please review to the user guide in the following section: Supported protocols and ports in OpenManage Enterprise. The user guide can be found on www.delltechcenter.com/oment.


Q: Why can't I change or save my network settings during the first time setup of the Enterprise appliance (error code CGEN6007) ?
A: This is an issue that will be resolved in an upcoming release (90234). This happens if you start the VM up with a disconnected NIC. The appliance will have to be re-deployed and the vNIC connected before starting the VM for the first time.

2.0 Discovery

3.0 Monitoring

4.0 Firmware Updates

Q: My firmware catalog is not getting created on the NFS share.
A: If your NFS is on a Windows OS check permissions and mapping: https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc770843(v=ws.11).aspx#BKMK_15

Q: Are there any other tips for getting the NFS share setup on Linux for firmware updates?
A: Here’s the article link: https://www.tecmint.com/how-to-setup-nfs-server-in-linux/

Once you have NFS server setup and running on your Linux server, enable the following settings (yours may vary depending on your config):

[root@testlinux2048 ~]# mkdir /nfsshare
[root@testlinux2048 ~]# vi /etc/exports
# Entry for Dell OME

From OpenManage Enterprise, choose “NFS” as your Share Type, input the IP Address of the Linux server in Share Address, and type in the appropriate path in the Catalog File Path (i.e. nfsshare/catalog.xml).
(Thx EH!)

5.0 Device Management

Q: When I click "Launch Virtual Console" for a server, nothing launches.
A: Your browser settings may be blocking popups. Add rule in your browser security settings to allow popups from the desired server.

Q: When I click "Launch Virtual Console" for a server, nothing launches but a JNLP file is downloaded.
A: This happens when the virtual console on the server is set to "Java". Double click the JNLP file in your downloads folder to launch the virtual console. Or better yet, you can configure the Virtual Console on the iDRAC so that it launches in HTML5.

Q: When I click "Launch Virtual Console" for a server, it does not launch.
A: See 5.2 above, and also check your iDRAC version level (pre 14G), you may need or above.

7.0 Templates/Server Configuration

Q: When I create a server or chassis configuration template, the job fails with error related to inability to access remote share.
A: This might be due to disabled SMB V1 on the appliance. To resolve this, go to Application Settings -> Console Preferences, expand the setting "SMB Setting", select the radio button "Enable V1", and hit "Apply".
It could be related to your firewall rules. Enabling SMBv1 support is not recommended except where needed. Reach out to your Dell support representative to see if there is an update for your server to enable SMB V2 support.

Q: (Tech Release) I did a template extract from a server and can see “calvin” or “***” in the password field, is this going to set or overwrite my iDRAC password?
A: This behavior will be addressed in a subsequent release. OM Enterprise will not capture device passwords in the configuration template when creating one from a source. These can be ignored.