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Questions regarding QMX

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I am fairly new to this QMX monitoring product for oracle. I connected the database fine to the product. In the configuration setting, I set the system to give me a warning when a particular tablespace has fallen to certain threshold. The system will send me an email alert whenever a particular tablespace is at attention; however, in the console operations managers, I can't seem to get a chart to show me which tablespace is currently at which level. When I click on the Oracle Performance tablespaces chart, it all shows the different color coded horizontal lines. I don't quite understand the lengend for the chart. (eg. what are those different colors stands for and what is the number stands for). Can someone shed some light?
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  • The graph displays the metrics that you have checked/selected in the view relative to the object and counter combination. If your using the standard console, you will see the color corresponding to the selected metric such as Tablespace percentfree and an instancename of server.instance.tablespacename. If your using the web console, Microsoft sort of screwed that one up becasue that failed to name the columns properly and instance column shows the target device rather than the object counter instance as shown in the normal console. Hopefully they will fix that in the next rev. Hope that helps.
  • Thanks. Gary.

    Instead of opening a new thread, I have another question regarding oracle alert log monitoring.

    I have the alert says Oracle1002: Oracle Server rottweiler, SID rtest has errors on process CJQ0 (Job Queue Coordinator). I searched online that CJQ0 is just the regular warning message and it is nothing critical. How can I filter out this alert from the configuration setting? Thanks.
  • There should be an alertfilters tab in the QMX config tool under the Oracle extension and you can take any part of the alert text (case sensitive), define a filter and it will throw the alert away instead of submitting it to scom.