I'm trying to create a Linux SUU for my FC430s via RM (v2.2.1.616) and it keeps failing with "Error downloading some files."

It can download most of the files it needs, so why can't it download all of them? It really is very frustrating, and makes RM impossible to use. Right now I'm attempting to create the SUU multiple times and deleting the files it can't download from the bundle. I'm going to end up with a SUU that may not cover all of the hardware in my FC430s.

I would download them manually and import them into the Repository Manager FileStore if I could, but apparently RM gives them peculiar names so it's not as easy as that. It would make things a lot easier if RM just downloaded the files with the normal names (such as you'd have if you downloaded the DUP from the website) - then a) we could import if necessary and b) we could find and copy the DUPs directly from the FileStore directory rather than having to go through RM's interface.

Here are the files RM can't download:


I gave up after the BIOS update failed to download, as I need it in my SUU. It's highly likely there are more...