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SCOM Management Pack giving random alerts....SCOM 2012 R2

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SCOM Management Pack giving random alerts....SCOM 2012 R2

  • I've been having this issue for a while and even on Version 6 of the Dell SCOM MP.

    I do not understand why some nics show the problem below and some do not, even though they seem to be configured in the same way..

    Is there a fix/workaround for this?


    John Bradshaw

  • Anyone?



  • I'm sorry, I am just now seeing this post.  Most likely, you are seeing these alerts for nics that are enabled but not plugged in.  In the OS, try to disable the nic.  For example, in Windows in Network Connections control panel, right click on all unused nics and select Disable.

  • Hello John, 

    Good Day!

    I have imported dell management pack v6.3 in our SCOM 2007R2 environment and have not received alerts in SCOM. Unfortunately even i did not get a solution from Dell with the similar reasons as you expressed.

    Hence i was hoping to seek advise from someone who has experience working with Dell management packs. 

    We are hoping to monitor Dell hardware PowerEdge R430, OS - VMware ESXi 6.0.0 build-3620759. I have discovered the devices using IP range and they appear to be in the 'DRAC' state view. I have tried sending an alert from dell IDRAC console ('Sample trap') . It appears in console. But the last time an alert test was conducted, there were no alerts for power cables unplugged, battery status etc. I'm assuming that i may have missed something.

    Could you please advise. Any help will be much appreciated.



  • To get alerts in SCOM from iDrac, you will need to setup SNMP and discover the iDracs a second time as network devices.  Caution, if you discover the iDracs as network devices first, you will not be able to discover them as ws-man devices for out of band monitoring.  You must do the out of band discovery first and then network device discovery.  Here are some guides that may help.

  • Hi py,

    To be quite frank, I set up SNMP traps to get alerts (via Kevin Holman blog). It doesn't tell me what is wrong, only that something is wrong. Works quite well, whereas I find the Dell MP to be unreliable in that it misses many important alerts.

    Also, I use Dell OpenManage Essentials to monitor the servers' hardware. It works pretty well, but I only get it to discover the servers via the DRAC IP. SCOM monitors Windows well, but as for the rest, well good luck.


    John Bradshaw