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  • I seem to be having a terrible time bare metal booting this station via SCCM PXE. Here's the situation.

    My BIOS settings are as follows

    UEFI turned off
    Legacy boot on
    Secure boot off.
    Latest BIOS A03 from Dell is installed.

    When attempting to pxe boot via sccm winpe loads but EXTREMELY SLOW. My Optiplex 3020's have the Realtek nic. My boot image has all the right drivers, because I have connectivity (I have a valid IP) and I imported the Realtec Windows 8 32 bit nic driver straight from dell into the boot x(86) image , and if I press F8 after pxe winpe boot image finally loads and do the following comands in a cmd window


    list disk

    I can see the disk.

    We are running SSCM 2012 R2, our Boot (x86) image is 6.3.9600.16384, which is winpe 5.0 which is based on Windows 8 so I downloaded the Winpe50 cab from dell and imported the storage and nic drivers for the Dell Optiplex 3020 system.

    I also tried the x86 storage and network drivers from here

    Still WinPE is extremely SLOW, in excess of 20 minutes to boot into WinPE from an SCCM PXE BOOT.

    I also tried this

    The problem is persistent on ALL of my Optiplex 3020's

  • Would be interested to hear what others experience on that matter.

  • Specifically, for this scenario, I would rule out that none of the other WinPE drivers are causing the issue. 
    MRFOOFOO: Can you copy your SCCM x86 boot image (bare boot image - no drivers in it) and then make a new boot image with the WinPE 5.0 imported drivers. You want to make sure no other WinPE version drivers are included in the boot.wim. 

  • I made a clean boot image with only the dell winpe 5.0 drivers injected, PXE BOOT is still HORRIBLY SLOW.

    What is wrong with these model of machines?

  • Hi, I have similar problem but in  opposite way.  With Legacy BIOS, it boots quicker but when it's in UEFI mode, it boots a lot slower.  Wasn't UEFI supposed to be the latest technology and faster than legacy? I'm confused! :)

    With Legacy BIOS, I'm having problem retaining the connection during WinPe process. 

    I have compared with two different model OP390 and OP3020. I'd say at this time OP390 kicks OP3020 with PXE booting.

    Does anyone have this problem? DO we need to flash the NIC?

  • Its 2017 and these issues are still occurring with newer hardware ,  ie... Precision 5510

    Legacy booting is 5 minutes VS UEFI booting 30 minutes.