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Latitude 3540 & OMIA

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Latitude 3540 & OMIA

  • Hi,

    Just started integrating the Dell Client repository with SCUP. The two Optiplexs we have are both being detected and SCCM has installed OMIA.

    I also have two Latitude 3540s that are in my Dell device group, but OMIA isn't showing as being required for the them.

    Is the 3540 model missing from the OMIA list of compatible models? Device group criteria is simply Manufacturer = Dell Inc.



  • Sorry about the confusion.  The 3440/3540 systems do not have the same manageability as the E series and therefore are not included in the catalog.

  • These, like the Vostros, are sold as business computers under Premier!!!

    What on earth are Dell playing at? Latitude = Business.

    So yet again we've bought machines that Dell won't support in a commercial environment despite being marketed as such.