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Dell MP 5.1 and ESXi

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Dell MP 5.1 and ESXi

  • Hi,

    We have SCOM 2007 and Dell MP 5.1 with 2 M1000e Chassis, 4 blades with ESXi 5.1. Chassis and blades status aren't shown. Is it normal ? Is the status linked with Dell OpenManage Agent and could so work only with Windows (or Linux) system ?

    I know that some tools (racadm) could help to give informations, but i don't find how to use them in any Dell MP user guide.

    The Dell MP works well with Dell Servers/Windows systems/OpenManage

  • Do you want blades to be discovered under chassis, if it so then you have to install Chassis Modular Server Correlation feature from FMP dashboard.

    This feature will correlate the blades in the chassis and show them in the UI.

  • Thanks. Chassis Modular Server Correlation MP is already installed. With which object exactly the correlation is done to show blades subtree in CMC view : a scom agent on a Windows blade, idrac ? But with an ESXi, there isn't agent.

    I have found this with Dell MP 4.1 :

    It looks like on the second picture (page 5) that, like us, there isn't blade status but correlation gives the system status and topology.

    In the CMC web view, errors on blades make these one to be red. Is it normal that i can't see it in the CMC topology in SCOM 2007 ?