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SCOM 2012 monitoring of M1000e+PowerEdgeM910

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SCOM 2012 monitoring of M1000e+PowerEdgeM910

This question has been answered by V Bhima Raju

Hello colleagues!

 Here is the situation. We have enclosure M1000e with 7 blades PowerEdgeM910.
I'm new in hardware monitoring via SCOM, so please sorry if my questions are dummy:)  
Now the goal is monitoring of this hardware via SCOM 2012.

My steps:

1) I've downloaded and installed latest management packs and imorted them into Management server of SCOM 2012.
2) I've installed agents on my M910 blades(under Windows Server)
3) I've discovered enclosure M1000e via Network discovery rules and found it(snmp)

So for now the problems are:

1) I see in the SCOM monitoring state view(inband)  only one blade server  first  phisically installed in the enclosure.
So why i can't see other 6 blades? what do i need to do to solve this issue?
2) I see in the CMC view only basic status of enclosure. Is it normal?
3) How to monitor iDRAC consoles?Steps?

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  • Ohhh then there lies the problem. You need to install OMSA on all the servers that are to discovered through In-Band.

    You can get from Dell support site.

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  • Do you see all the blades come under SCOM Administrators Pane's Agent Managed view. If you see them then enable the logging and see the differences.

    To enable logging go to the Authoring Pane, Click on Object Discoveries, Right click on Dell Server Discovery and enable logging

    To monitor iDRAC you need to obtain licenses. Please go through the IG of Server MP5.0.1

  • Thanks for answer V Bhima Raju!

    Unfortunately i see only one blade server and don't see other 6 blades.

    iDRAC. No, i don't want use this for monitoring. "in-band" monitoring is enought for me.

    Yes, ofcourse, i use IG of Server MP 5.0.1

  • Well, Dell Server Discovery enabled by default.

  • If you dont see server under Administrators Pane Agent Managed then those servers wont be discovered under server in-band state view.

    Please push the SCOM agents to all the blades.

    To push the agent go to the Administrators Pane's Agent Managed and do discovery of windows computer. Please add all the blade names in the list and complete the discovery process.

    If the discovery of windows computers are successfully completed you will see them under agent managed state view.

  • Server in-band discovery is enabled by default. If you want to see logging information of discovered servers then you have override the discovery to enable logging, LogLevel is the value to be overridden. The default value of LogLevel is 0 so make it to 1 to enable logging.

  • Well. agents have been installed before i installed management pack.

  • If the agents are installed successfully then you should see them under Administrators Pane's Agent Managed View. If you can't see them please redo the installation of agents.

  • I see those blades under Administrators Pane's Agent Managed View.

  • Did you install OMSA on those blades?

    Please override the server discovery to enable logging. Follow below steps for overriding log level to 1

    Go to Authoring Pane

          Go to Object Discoveries

               Search for dell

                      RIght Click Dell Server Discovery and override the loglevel to 1

    See the information in log file.

  • No, i didn't install OMSA on the blades. How to get this software?

  • Ohhh then there lies the problem. You need to install OMSA on all the servers that are to discovered through In-Band.

    You can get from Dell support site.

  • I've overrided Dell Server Discovery logging to value "1'. Where can i see log file?

  • windows  temp location

  • Thanks. I will install OMSA and send feedback.

  • Well, for now i see all my blades with "Healthy" status in the Dell MP View.

    But i would like to understand CMC monitoring. I've discovered CMC via SNMP and it is shown CMC View of Dell MP.

    But as i see there is not to much information about CMC, just "Healthy" status and when i see Diagram View of CMC i find just couple nodes of view. Is it normal? Am i correct that discovered CMC via SNMP?