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DCIP 3.1 Strange Behaviour

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DCIP 3.1 Strange Behaviour

  • Hi.

    Hope someone can clarify something about the DCIP 3.0 behavior that am seeing which is different than the one for sccm 2007. When we use the tool to create a driver package. The following things happen that is driving me nuts:

    1. It creates the driver file location with 2 folders
      1. \\Sharepath\960-win7-A05-RG8TH\ - This folder has the exctracted cab files
      2. \\Sharepath\960-win7-A05-RG8TH_Drivers - This folder has the exctracted cab files with a alpha numeric path.
    2. The package source is set to 960-win7-A05-RG8TH_Drivers.

    Since we only use Driver packages on our Task Sequence. If we delete the drivers. It deletes the driver package source.

    Any ideas?


  • Does anyone has any clue?? This driving me nuts as DELL docs does not describe the behavior above.

    Please let me know if more clarification is needed.

  • ConfigMgr 2012 does not allow for using driver packages directly from the source files, so all driver must be imported.  In ConfigMgr 2007, you could do this function.  DCIP 3.0 and 3.1 had to be modified to support this new requirement.

  • Thanks Warren. I figured it out yesterday that was the case. So am I right to assume that the DELL recommendation of using driver package on Task sequence with WMI query will not be that effective. since when creating drivers catalog duplicates are not added to the driver catagories?

  • Applying Driver packages with WMI queries are still effective.  The only change is that all drivers have to be inported into the driver store.  You still have a choice between applying driver packages with WMI queries or using Auto-apply with categories.