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SCOM and software req:

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SCOM and software req:

  • I the DELL MP manual for SCOM, Dell OpenManage Power Center and OpenManage Server Administrator is required together with Dell License Manager - Are those applications necessary for DELL monitoring or is it just a shortcut in actions for and can it just be  SNMP and SMASH.

    In this case I have blades.

  • Dell Server Management Pack Suites from 5.0.1 onwards provide two types of flavors

    for discovering Dell Servers.

    Flavor1:::In-Band Monitoring

                         In-Band Monitoring is having a prerequisite that Dell OpenManage Server Administrator

    needs to be installed on server that is to be discovered or monitored. It is license free feature.

    Flavor2:::Out-of-Band Monitoring

                  Out-of-Band monitoring is a licensed feature. It doesn't require prerequisite of Dell

    OpenMange Server Administrator. It can monitor the bare metal. For more information on monitoring

    servers using Out-of-Band refer to Server 5.0.1 IG

  • Hi

    and why is dell power center required than

  • The OMPC will give benefits like Gain precise control over energy consumption in your Dellâ„¢ data center with a software solution designed to help you measure and manage your usage.

    The OMPC need to be installed on the server that need to be monitored.

    If you install the OMPC you can launch the OMPC from SCOM console provided the server need to be discovered in state view/diagram view.

    For more information

  • and for blades (where vmware is runing) - what is necessary  - (Dell Openmanager/power center can not be installed on those blades)

  • The following post may help you on OMPC for blades

  • ok - so if no OMPC is not installed must  it be installed on a SCOM  Management Server ?

  • OMPC need to be installed on Management Node

  • Management node = SCOM Management Server

  • Management Node

                  The node or server  that is to be managed or discovered or monitored.

                   If you discover this node using IN-BAND then you need to install OpenManage Server             administrator in it.

                  If you want to discover using Out-of-Band then no need to install anything even OS too. The bare metal will also get discovered if its iDRAC is kept on the network.

    Management Server

                  The node or server that has SCOM Management Server installed in it is called Management Server. This server with SCOM will discover the nodes(Management Nodes) that are reachable in the network where Management Server is present. Up on installation of Dell Server Suite the dell servers will get discovered under Dell state views/diagram views.

  • Looking at the Flavor one scenario...  Which of the OMSA features would be required to have the management pack discover the server and begin monitoring in-band?


  • For those curious, I was able to get the flavor one scenario to work by taking the custom defaults and selecting not to install the Server Administrator Web Server and DRAC Command Line Tools.  I suspect WMI was probably the only feature required but I haven't bothered to test.