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  • Currently Dell has only hardware monitoring Management Packs only for Windows OS which interacting with OMSA. Is there any plans to Develop Linux Management Packs and tools for SCOM like HP Insight Integration Pack has. It includes Windows, Linux, ESX hardware monitoring packs using SCOM.

  • I also need to integrate with LiNUX + OMSA + SCOM.

  • Hi Stan and sensatus,

                              First of all thanks for asking our DELL MP's on Linux platform or extended support. Currently our Dell Server MP upto 5.0.1  will work only on Windows Platform.

    I will definitely let you know if we extend our support.

  • Alternatively, you can deploy Dell Server MP 5.0.1 Out-of-Band solution which provides OS agnostic method of managing Dell Servers.  This requires licensing, plesae see Dell Server MP 5.0.1 Out-of-Band monitoring section in the product documentation for more details.

  • This requires iDRAC7 and new Gen Servers, correct? What should we do with existing environments?

  • Correct You need to have iDRAC7 and servers generations  >= 12G.

    Currently we aren't  supporting OOB feature on the servers <=11G.

  • So looks like currently HP will be step forward if compare with Dell Enterprise integrated solutions.