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EqualLogic MP discovering not working

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EqualLogic MP discovering not working

  • Hi,

    We have a problem with EqualLogic Management Pack 5.0 running on SCOM 2012 SP1.

    The SAN can be discovered with SNMP, but not with this MP. The EqualLogic Devices view is empty.

    We ran the installation as administrator as described is the last post here:



    Any ideas what can be wrong?


  • Hi,

    After Installing EqualLogic Management pack 5.0 successfully you will see Feature Management Dashboard in the SCOM console monitoring pane.

    If the FMP dashboard doesn't populate, please go through below blog for fast population of FMP dashboard.


    FMP dash board populates all the features supported by dell, select the EqualLogic Monitoring feature and then perform the Import task. Please go through the Equalogic documentation for more understanding EqualLogic Management Pack 5.0

    The import task will import the EqualLogic monitoring feature. However EqualLogic discovery depends on the network device to be discovered so make sure you got the equal logic arrays discovered as network devices.

  • I have followed all steps in the Equallogic documentation and populated FMP with detailed monitoring. All the required MPs where automatically installed.

    The SAN is discovered with SNMP and got this OID: .

    The Equallogic Devices view is still empty.




  • Did the Network devices in Administration Pane contains your EqualLogic Arrays?

    If they are coming fine then override the EqualLogic discovery to some interval second and enable logging. Please tell me whether you are getting logging information.

  • Ok, I  got this in the log file:

    INFO : Discover_EqualLogic() - This IPAddress is not an IP for EqualLogic Group Management

    Does the Group Management IP need to be dedicated? 

  • Yes the IP to be discovered should be EqualLogic Group  IP. It should be dedicated one.

  • Hello!

    I'm facing same problem... where do I can find the log file?



  • Hello all...

    I solved the problem by reinstalling de MP.



  • Hi,

    I'm experiencing the same issue here. 

    I have the Equallogic Group  as a network device in Operations Manager with OID . 

    The networkdevice is healthy and available.

    However I don't see it as a "Equallogic Device" in the Dell state views in Monitoring. 

    Also when I look at the feature management dashboard it keeps saying that Equallogic Monitoring is not installed but I've ran the Import Equallogic Detailed Feature and Import Equallogic Scalable Feature multiple times  (which was successfull every time) but I don't see any changes. 

    Where can I find the logfile mentioned above? Also reinstalling the MP didn't do the trick.

    Any ideas on what I might be missing?

    Thanks in advance!

    Best regards,


  • the log file will be in Windows\Temp.

  • I got it!

    Thank you!