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How to override Minimum Required Firmware Version MP

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How to override Minimum Required Firmware Version MP

  • The Dell MP is marking our physical servers as in a warining state due to the Firmware Version installed on the servers is not up to date with the MP's Minimum Required Firmware Version.  This is trowing skewing our SLA as thse servers appear in a warning state in our reports.

    We are not planning to upgrade the firmware anytime soon so, I need assistance on finding the monitor for this items and disable it.

    We are using SCOM 2012 and Dell's MP 5.1

    Any help will be appreciated.

  • Which MP are you using - the agent-based Windows MP or the Out-Of-Band MP? Which component's firmware is the MP reporting as not up-to-date?

  • The agent based MP. The alert is on Storage Controller Status(periodic) - PERC 5/i Integrated (Storage Controller)

  • If the alert generated is  "Dell OMSS Firmware version mismatch"  then you have FW version lesser than minimum version.

    If you don't want the alert to be shown you can disable the rule titled as "Dell OMSS Firmware version mismatch" but this doesn't prevent your server/ Storage Controller health from warning.

    If you don't want health of Storage Controller that updates for its own, you can disable following UM's

    On the Operation Manager Console----Go to the Authoring Pane---Go to the Monitors--- Go to the object named "Storage Controller"-----Select "Availability Health"--- You will get below UM's

    1. Storage Contoller Status (Periodic)---Right click ----Click on  Overrides---Disable the UM- For all      the objects of Stotage Controller

    2. Storage Controller Status (Event Triggered) ---same as above UM

    Anyway up on disabling above UM's you will not able to see the health updates of Storage Controller any more

  • Will this only affect the firmware mismatch?  or will it disable the entire Storage Controller availability monitoring?

  • If you disable the UM's then it will disable the entire storage controller availabilty monitoring

  • Actually FW mismatch is added to the implementation of health computation internally which cannot be overridden externally.

    Recommendation is upgrade to the min OMSA version


    If you see the alert saying "Dell OMSS Firmware version mismatch" then you can think it is caused only because of FW mismatch and proceed with it instead of disabling UM's that stops health monitoring of Storage Controller.

  • By looking at the monitor, it seems to be based on the DellStoragePeriodicTrigger.vbs.  Within the script i believe there is a portion that discovers the engine version


    ' CheckVBScriptEngine()

    ' Check VBScript engine version:


    Function CheckVBScriptEngine()

    On Error Resume Next

    Dim bIsCompatV,  var

       Const VBSCRIPT_MIN_VERSION = 56

       var = ((ScriptEngineMajorVersion * 10) + ScriptEngineMinorVersion)

       If ((var) < VBSCRIPT_MIN_VERSION) Then

     bIsCompatV = False


    bIsCompatV = True

    End If

    If Err <> 0 Then

    CheckVBScriptEngine = Err.Number



    CheckVBScriptEngine = bIsCompatV

    End If

    End Function

    Is it possible to create an override ommiting the script from collecting the firmware information?

  • It checks for VB SCRIPT engine version not for Storage Controller FW version.

    We can't omit this code as checks for minimum vb script version required to run the UM script.

    We cannot override the FW version.

  • OK, thank you so much for the information provided.

  • Welcome JUrbina. In fact we considered your query of having a override for the Minimum FW version. I will definitely come back to you once i find update on it.

  • I see that there is a new version of this MP.  Do you know if in this new MP provides the ability to override the check for FW version?

    Thanks in advance.